Job Opening: Senior Pastor

Immanuel Leidy’s Church is seeking a full-time ordained minister for the position of Senior Pastor to serve our congregation.

We are a reformed, non-denominational church, affirming that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. We are a 400+ member church located in the Philadelphia suburbs, with 150+ year tenure serving the local community and the world.

The ideal candidate must demonstrate a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ which is evidenced in daily life and exhibited through the character qualities as described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

The ideal candidate should be experienced in Biblically based, expositional preaching that will both feed and challenge the flock in their spiritual growth. This position requires strong administrative skills that will lead and help develop 9+ staff and the elder board. We desire someone gifted in teaching the Word to a variety of ages and abilities of understanding and to arrange for learning opportunities across a spectrum of biblical themes. The candidate must be able to aid in developing the lay leadership both in their spiritual walk and their leadership qualities.

Compensation package will include salary and benefits.

Before you apply

We encourage you to learn more about our church by viewing our church profile and reading our Statement of Faith. Our website also contains a wealth of information about the history of our congregation, and the many ways we minister to our congregation, community, and the world.

We also ask that you familiarize yourself with the Senior Pastor Job Description (below). 

Job Description

Senior Pastor of Immanuel Leidy’s Church

To advance the Great Commission by sharing the Gospel of Christ and training people to be His disciples by providing Christian nurture, oversight, and leadership for the congregation. To serve as administrative head of day-to-day activities. To represent the congregation in the wider church and civic community.


  1. Oversee all other church staff and personnel providing encouragement, direction, assistance, and correction as necessary.
  2. Provide vision and direction for the entire congregation. To work with the various Committees and organizations of the congregation to develop plans for implementation of the broader vision of the congregation. Such plans should be within the context of each group’s particular function and responsibilities.
  3. Plan and lead the regular services of worship of the congregation making adequate provision for pulpit replacements when appropriate.
  4. Oversee and ensure the quality of the teaching ministry to and from this congregation.
  5. Provide for pastor care, counsel, and oversight of the entire congregation, particularly those who are in a distressing time of need whether such need be physical, emotional, spiritual, family related, etc.
  6. Seek involvement in community church and civic organizations and activities as a
    representative of Leidy’s Church as time and inclination allows.
  7. Provide for the mobilization and utilization of the gifts and talents resident within this local congregation for maximum impact on this congregation, the community, the nation, and the world in accordance with the command of Jesus Christ.
  8. Maintain an ongoing faithful relationship with Jesus Christ, be above reproach in
    personal moral life, and encourage the same throughout the congregation.

Is under the spiritual and moral oversight of the Spiritual Council. Is directly responsible to the Consistory for job performance.

Called of God to be a Pastor. Should have strong skills in leadership, speaking, biblical exegesis, personal caring, administration, and ability to motivate.

The length of tenure is indeterminate and may be terminated by action of the Consistory or by the individual. Three months’ notice is required in either case unless a mutual agreement is reached with other datelines.

Salary terms shall be reviewed annually, and any adjustments made by the Consistory in coordination with the Stewardship Committee.

To Apply

After reviewing these resources, if you would like to move forward with applying, please email the following to

  • Cover Letter to include your Personal testimony and a description of your sense of calling and how this position would fulfill that calling.
  • Resumé

As we continue through this process, you may also be asked to provide: 

  • Sample sermons
  • Samples of ordination documents
  • Other written/published articles
  • References
  • Background checks