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Saturday, November 22rd

9 a.m. to 2 p.m.



Thanksgiving Eve Servicegivethanks.jpg

            Thanksgiving Eve worship isn’t for everyone! It is for those folk who have good reason to give thanks, know such to be the case, and are intent on doing so in a corporate service of worship. If you are among those folk, then you are invited to come to Leidy’s Church on Wednesday the 26th of November at 7:30 to join in giving thanks to God.

            At that service of worship, traditional songs appropriate to Thanksgiving Day will be sung, some stirring testimonies will be shared, prayers of gratitude and intercession will be lifted to Almighty God, and the gospel of Jesus Christ will be heard.

            Ordinarily this is one of the more informal services we have during the course of a year, but it is a good and solemn and joyful service nonetheless. The intent is to have everyone on their respective ways by 8:30 so that everyone has plenty of time to go home and get ready for the big events scheduled for the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving Day.