Ash Wednesday Worship
         ashwednesday.png On the 18th of February we will expect to see some folk walking around with smudges on their foreheads. Usually the news stories for the day will include some mention of – perhaps even some footage showing – churches observing Ash Wednesday. But by and large it will be a day pretty much like any other day in the lives of most folk.
              Leidy’s Church will have an evening service of worship on Ash Wednesday, but we do not put ashes on anyone’s forehead. Ash Wednesday functions on the church calendar much like Yom Kippur does for the Jewish calendar: a day of repentance.
              Ash Wednesday is day set aside to remember the fall of humanity into sin. Most of humanity does not acknowledge that such a fall took place. Consequently, most of humanity does not acknowledge that we need a Savior as a result of that fall. Christianity teaches otherwise.
              You’re invited to come to church for a time of worship on Ash Wednesday. The service will begin at 7:30 and last about an hour. Our focus will be on God’s action to redeem us from the fall.