Back in March of 1995 the first kids musical was presented at Leidy's Church. Titled The Secret of My Success, it had a multi-talented cast to go along with a great story line and good music. Now in 2015 a reprise of that production is taking place.
             On Saturday the 14th at 7 pm and on Sunday the 15th at 4 pm you’re invited to come see this musical again. Some of the original cast members are stepping back into their original roles. Other roles are filled by current kids.
             All those who were in the original cast, but who could not be part of the 2015 version, are especially invited back–along with their families. Your presence will be an encouragement to your peers on stage.
             Everyone is invited to come out on the 14th or 15th and enjoy a musical production complete with orchestra, lights, and talent just a tad bit short of Broadway. You’ll hear our associates tell Miss Morebucks the true secret of success and help celebrate 20 years of music ministry by the Sonshine Players.