Christmas Activities & Services        angel.png

Community Caroling on Tuesday at 6:30 – come out & join the chorus!

Setting up luminaries begins at 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Help us prepare to let our lights shine.

Family service of worship at 7 p.m. featuring Dr. Luke. He will be sharing with us his third letter to Theophilus. It’s accompanied by lots of Christmas songs and carols. A candle lighting service concludes this time of worship.

Service of worship at 10:30 with the chancel choir, preaching and the Lord’s Supper. Again, a candle lighting service concludes this time of worship.

Pre-service music begins at 6:30 & 10:15 for the respective services.


The food drive will continue until January 4th.
All donations will be given to Manna on Main Street in Lansdale.
Please make sure all items are not expired as well as non-perishable.
In the narthex you can find more details on items to bring as well as a place to put your donations.

March for Life

Thursday, January 22nd

          Every January a very significant event occurs on the streets of Washington, D.C. At least, such has been the case since January 22, 1974. That is the date the first March for Life took place. About 20,000 folk were in attendance.

            Since the late 1980s Leidy’s Church has provided transportation down to Washington each year for folk to participate in the March for Life. Thanks to some undergirding from the Church & Community committee, the expense is kept as reasonable as possible. This year’s cost is $12 per person. Reasonable indeed! This cost includes the round-trip Metro-Rail ticket needed to get to and fro between the parking lot and the Washington Mall.
            Our comfortable and warm Perkiomen coach will leave the church parking lot at 6 am! On the way down a stop will be made for breakfast. On the return trip a stop will be made for dinner; this usually takes place at a mall food court where options are abundant. Your $12’s does not cover the cost of these meals, so bring funds along to cover these costs and any other incidentals that may come along.
            We anticipate arriving in DC with a couple of hours to spare so that participants can make excursions to a museum or historical site or memorial of their choosing.
            Praise be to God for the faithful marchers who take to the streets of DC each January as part of the March for Life. While it began with 20,000 marchers, now the crowds are estimated even by the Park Service to be over 100,000, while others say it is more like 3 to 400,000.
            Many of those faithful marchers from years gone by are gone! But God has been faithful to raise up a new generation to take up the banner for life. Each of us is encouraged to consider being among that number this year. Invite some friends or co-workers or family members to join you in hitting the streets in Washington to march for life.