Wednesday Central will begin September 14th. Dinner starts at 5:45pm. Lesson and discussion begins at 6:30pm. We end at 8pm.

Introduction from Pastoral Staff

Dear friends,

In this hot August, much though our brains aren’t ready for it, it is time to start thinking about the fall. Walmart and Target already have back to school supplies out at the front of the stores, teachers are sending home supply lists, and we are getting nearer to Rally Day. As Pastor Tony, Pastor Steve and I look to the coming academic year, we are very excited for Leidy’s Church. We think it is going to be a great year of building excitement in fellowship, ongoing growth in learning, and of seeing newcomers join as we seek, under God, to reach the lost, build God’s people, and send workers into the harvest field, to know Christ and make him known across the earth.

This fall, Wednesday Central will be the primary avenue of fellowship and learning at Leidy’s Church, and the new heartbeat of our week. We are therefore writing now with some of the details.

Wednesday Central will run from September 14th to November 16th. Each week we will gather for a meal at 5:45pm, which will be a changing menu served buffet style with dessert, coffee, tea, and other delights, and a great chance for us to connect with others in the week. At 6:30pm, the children and youth will head to the sanctuary and downstairs for teaching at iBLAST and Youth Central, while adults will then have a teaching from the Bible, followed by question and answers, and group discussion around the tables followed by a prayer time. Folks will be assigned groups which will meet around the same tables for the year. In this way, we hope to develop and maintain lasting relationships across the life of the church. Each group will be led by two leaders and their wives, and we pray that this will be a fruitful time of fellowship and growth for all. Each Wednesday we will end promptly at 8:00pm. Parents are then asked to collect their children from the gym where iBLAST will have just concluded. 

Since this is a new venture there will be a lot of questions, please see the below FAQ. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email Michael at

To join Wednesday Central, or to enroll your children, you will need to register so please take just a moment and sign up as soon as possible. For Wednesday Central click here. Click here to sign up for iBLAST. 

We are so very excited to see the ways in which the Lord continues to work in us and through us as we come to learn from His Word. May Wednesday Central deepen our love for the Lord and for His people. 

To the Praise of His Glory,

Michael, Steve and Tony


What is the aim of Wednesday Central

We hope and pray that Wednesday Central will help us to Know Christ and make Him known. That may seem simple enough, but we recognize that we live in a world which seeks to reject the gospel of Jesus Christ and is running in the opposite direction. We therefore are seeking to reach those who are far from the Lord, build up the body of Christ, and send out faithful laborers to work in a variety of mission settings. 

The scope of Wednesday Central is quite large, and you might be wondering how this can be feasibly done. The answer comes from Isaiah 55: 10,11. There we are reminded that God’s Word is effective. We pray, therefore, that God’s Word will saturate our hearts and minds so that we will be transformed by it. As we think about Wednesday Central, it will be full of faithful Bible teaching which is both relevant and applicable. This enables us to live practically within the culture.  It also provides training, discipleship, and fellowship.

How can I help?

We have needs for people to help in the kitchen before and after dinner is prepared, for volunteers to work with our youngest kids, and for folks to bring desserts. You can see a complete list here. You can also just indicate how you would like to help on the paper sign up after service and we will reach out to you.

What about my kids?

Children in first through fifth grade will be welcome to go through iBLAST as they learn about the God who wins. Youth sixth grade and above will participate in a youth-oriented study. It will cover very nearly the same topics as Wednesday Central but in a fun and inviting way for the youth. Click here to register.

What about younger kids?

We will be providing childcare for kids under first grade. Which will mean that we are also in need of volunteers to help.  If you are able to help for a week or two, please register here.

What sort of topics will you cover?

This fall we will be looking at the GOSPEL. Specifically, we will be looking at what it is, how it is applied to you, what difference it makes in your life, and how you can share it with others. In time we will also be looking at the Bible, prayer, culture, woke church, the importance of doctrine, LGBTQIA+, suffering, heartache, family life, and a whole lot more!

What about the small group I attend?

Wednesday Central is independent of small groups. Some groups may stop in order to be devoted more fully to Wednesday Central. Others may continue to meet in addition to Wednesday Central

What about the Monthly Prayer Meeting?

Our Monthly Prayer Meeting will take during Wednesday Central. Once a month, we will gather and pray with and for one another instead of the normally scheduled instruction, Q&A, and discussion.

Can I bring my friends?

We are a people who long to see the Gospel reach to the ends of the earth. We would be delighted for guests to come and learn from the Scriptures about the Lord and the life He has called us to. However, we also recognize that guests might not understand everything that is said. Sometimes Christianese is hard to translate. Also, we recognize that folks coming in as guests will disrupt the continuity of the discussion groups. For this reason, we are placing guests in one of two newcomers discussion groups. One will be led by Pastor Steve and the other by Pastor Michael. 

How many are you expecting to attend?

We are hopeful that Wednesday Central gains momentum and 150 people or more gather each week to have their hearts and minds formed by the Word of God. This is part of the reason why we are so excited. We know Leidy’s Church is a vibrant and warm-hearted people. We pray that they also become electrified by God’s revealed Word.

What if we cannot come out to evening meetings on Wednesday

We recognize that the circumstances of life might make Wednesday nights impossible for one reason or another. If that is the case, please email Michael and he will help find the best alternative. 

How does Hope Explored, Discipleship Explored, and Partnership Explored fit with this?

Wednesday Central and Hope, Discipleship, and Partnership Explored are like two parallel tracks. We long to see the Gospel shared far and wide. We also long to see the ongoing truth of the Scriptures sown deep into the hearts of God’s people. For those who are curious about the gospel or how to share the gospel, please come to Hope Explored which will start on September 26th. For those who are looking to move from an awareness of the gospel to a deeper relationship with Christ, please come to Discipleship Explored beginning October 17th. For those who want to know more about the Church and life at Leidy’s Church, please come to Partnership Explored starting November 2nd. Contact Pastor Michael and let him know you are coming.