John Niederhaus – May 17, 2020

The Sword Of The Word

Sunday Sermons

Our text from Hebrews describes in scintillating detail what it is the Word of God does. It is a sword able to judge the thoughts and intentions of our heart. That’s something few of us can do with complete accuracy. No posturing can turn it aside. Self-delusion has no effect upon it. Not a thing is hidden from it. Jesus is the Word of God. He is the One who comes riding in on the white charger in Revelation 19 with a sword coming out of His mouth. He rides through all the nations of history. He treads the winepress of God’s wrath. The Beast and false prophet are doomed.

Scripture References: John 12:44-50, Hebrews 4:12-13, Psalms 2:1-12, Revelation 19:11-21

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