John Niederhaus – April 26, 2020

Finally, Some Explanations

Sunday Sermons

Reading through Revelation, one can get rather confused and disoriented. Apparently, when John was being shown these prophetic visions, he also became a bit disoriented. In chapter 17 one of the angels who had the seven bowls of wrath finally spoke words such as these to John: “Come here, I will show you” and “I will tell you the mystery” and “Here is the mind that has wisdom” and “What you saw are” and “Whom you saw is.” While things still are not perfectly lucid, chapter 17 is a big help. Isaiah 10 and Romans 2 will be instructive for us in understanding these things.

Scripture References: Revelation 17:1-18, Romans 2:17-24, Isaiah 10:12-15, Isaiah 10:5-7

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