John Niederhaus – October 20, 2019

The Crown of Life

Sunday Sermons

This week’s sermon title is “The Crown of Life.” If God is God and He is good, why do people suffer, and why are injustices not brought to account? These are common questions for all of us. We wonder about these things. Does God not know what’s happening? Can He not change things? The church at Smyrna needs to hear from God on just such questions, so Jesus’ letter to them does just that. The folk of Smyrna follow in a long line of God’s people that include men such as Naboth and Stephen, both killed by religious judicial authority. 100 years after this letter from Jesus the Smyrnans will still experience violent persecution.

Scripture References: Revelation 2:8-11, Acts 7:54, 1 Kings 21:1-16

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