John Niederhaus – October 13, 2019

Refiner’s Fire

Sunday Sermons

This week’s sermon title is “Refiner’s Fire.” Paul spent more time with the church in Ephesus than with any other church. That church served as the base for evangelistic efforts throughout the wider region. Acts 20 records the touching, final farewell of Paul with the Ephesian Elders. It’s not too much to say the Church of Ephesus was top-notch. The letter they receive in Revelation says much the same thing, but with a significant caveat. There is a problem. It must be addressed. If not addressed, it could prove fatal. Jesus’ letter seeks to light the refiner’s fire. Little things can become big things. Just ask Solomon.

Scripture References: 1 Kings 3:1-15, Revelation 2:1-7, Acts 20:25-38

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