Pastor for Youth & Children’s Ministry

Job Description
  1. The Pastor must:
    • Profess clear faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
    • Be a member of the church together with his family in good standing within the congregation.
    • Hold beliefs in line with Immanuel Leidy’s and be able to support the doctrinal statement.
    • Seek to live a life of demonstrable godliness in line with the qualifications for ministry as set out in Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3.
    • Be a man of prayer, who seeks to set a good example of godliness to the congregation.
    • Work well, and in close collaboration with the other pastors, and under the oversight of the Senior Pastor.
    • Be an example to the congregation, seeking to foster peace and unity within the life of the church.
    • Serve as a staff member of the church working for the unity and spiritual wellbeing of the congregation.
  2. The Youth Worker and Children’s Pastor will be employed to serve the congregation by working under the Senior Pastor under the spiritual care of Spiritual Council and assisting the Senior Pastor in his oversight of the church spiritually and administratively. Specifically, the responsibilities of the Youth & Children’s will include:
    1. Reaching
      • Joining with the ministries of the church in reaching out to the wider community as schedule allows.
      • Developing an evangelistic strategy to win youth for Christ.
      • Running Hope Explored or similar evangelistic programs for the Youth Group.
      • Building links with local schools, as the opportunities allow.
      • Partnering with like-minded agencies such as Children Evangelistic Fellowship.
      • Fostering strong links with our new Classical Christian school, speaking at school chapel and running school Bible studies as and when required.
    2. Building
      • Creating a fun and relaxed environment in which children and youth can be deeply discipled in their knowledge and love of Christ.
      • Training youth and children to live as exiles in the increasingly hostile culture they will face.
      • Developing curricula for Sunday Night activities and Sunday School.
      • Attending, leading, and developing the Youth and Children’s Ministry at Wednesday Central.
      • Forming excellent relationships with the youth and children and their parents and families.
      • Leading High School and Middle School Bible studies and training leaders for small group discipleship.
      • Teaching and overseeing the curriculum for Children’s Church ages 4-7.
      • Training the youth and children to be disciple-making disciples.
      • Assisting in the preparation of youth for confirmation.
      • Taking a lead role in the annual Vacation Bible School.
      • Leading a bi-annual youth retreat.
      • Counseling youth as and when required.
      • Working in collaboration with Children’s Ministries Advisory Committee (CMAC) and parents.
    3. Sending
      • Encouraging participation with the missions trips of Leidy’s church.
      • Taking youth to demonstrate the love of Christ for people through acts of service at Leidy’s Church and in the community.
    4. Supporting
      • Finding and training volunteers to serve as youth fellowship leaders.
      • Being an ambassador for youth and children’s ministry across the life of the whole church.
      • Overseeing the youth and children Sunday School programs, nursery care, and other logistics for youth and children’s ministries.
  3. The salary will be commensurate with age and experience, and will include contributions toward a 401k and full healthcare for the Pastor overseeing Youth & Children’s Ministry and his family. Housing will be provided in the Church’s furnished or unfurnished 4 bedroomed Mission House, with utility bills paid by the church.
  4. Applications to be submitted by September 1, 2022.