October 2022 Newsletter

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.

Pastors Column

In the church, we hear the phrase “leaving and cleaving” most often in discussions about marriage and marriage counseling. We all have heard Genesis 2:24 FOR THIS REASON A MAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND HIS MOTHER, AND BE JOINED TO HIS WIFE; AND THEY SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH. Beyond the direct command of Scripture, the wisdom of this is beyond question. Married life only works if both spouses forsake all other human attachments and cleave (or cling) to one another. There is another leaving and cleaving that all Christians should hold to. It is the leaving and cleaving of the gospel.

The leaving part is difficult but easy (at least on paper). It is the recognition that every Christian leads two lives. The one before Christ which is put to death and the one which is in Christ in which they now live.  This is what Paul communicates in Galatians 2:20. There he writes, THEREFORE I HAVE BEEN CRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST AND I NO LONGER LIVE… That is very strong language. The logic is clear. The old Paul (who was called Saul) is no longer because of the radical transformation that occurs when Christians meet Jesus. All of our associations are reevaluated. The things we live for are called into question.  They are each held up in comparison to a life lived with Christ. Paul also helps us understand the comparison. He thinks that knowing Christ and living for Christ is so much greater than anything else that he counts all those other things as RUBBISH compared to Christ. Clearly Paul left everything to follow Jesus. All Christians throughout all the ages of the church are called to do the same. We leave all things to be joined with Christ. There is another aspect to consider. What exactly would cleaving mean in regards to the gospel? We are not just to leave all things for the sake of Christ, we are to cling to Christ no matter the circumstances. That means that Christ and Him crucified is the message from the pulpit. That means that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is the drum beat of times of Bible study and fellowship like Wednesday Central. That means that looking for how all of the Scriptures point us to Jesus should shape the way we approach God’s Word and seek to apply it in our own lives. The gospel should hold the place of first importance in our lives and in our church.  The apostle John describes the difficulties within the church if it does not make the gospel its primary focus. He writes to the church of Ephesus that though they started well, they have left their first love.  John calls them to remember their beginning and return to it.

While the past can become a hero in the worst sorts of ways, it is often helpful for you and for me to remember how this whole thing called the Christian life started. Though we were dead in our sin, the Lord Jesus loved us and gave Himself up for us. At some point, by the power of the Holy Spirit we are joined to Christ. We saw our sin for what it was. We saw the way in which Jesus upon the cross became our sin so that we might become the righteousness of God. As you and I think back to that gospel message of our deliverance, let it continue to be the focus of the present each and every day.  May all of our lives continue to be shaped by the news of the gospel. May it fill us with awe and wonder full of joy and excitement. May it motivate us to share that same message with others around us where the Lord has placed us. May it also be that the love and joy of Christ permeate all of the ministries at Leidy’s Church always.


Snake Handlers to be at Leidy’s Church

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Leidy’s Church will host some southern Snake Handlers on Sunday, October 9th. Their names are Mick and Cathy Sander. Aha! You know them, or remember them, as they have been with us before. Good.

Mick and Cathy are missionaries Leidy’s Church supports. Their field of ministry is the tiny country of eSwatini, firmly embedded in the northeast section of South Africa. As Mick and Cathy were seeking ways to help the community in which the Lord placed them, they discovered that being resource folk to come and take away poisonous snakes that people found in their houses was needed. So, they got trained to capture cobras and black mambas and other creepy, slithering creatures and now are good at it!

There real ministry is to the deaf community in eSwatini. Hence, Mick and Cathy not only have learned the eSwatini language, they have learned how to sign it! This is a completely different culture that Mick and Cathy have had to learn as well. They have been blessed of the Lord and are eager to share with us what God is doing in and through them.

[P.S. They will not bring any slithering creatures with them!]

Operation Christmas Child

Samaritan’s Purse has a well-deserved reputation for doing the work of a good Samaritan in places of dire need all around the world. One part of that earned street cred comes from the Operation Christmas Child project. You can be part of that project this year.

The Mission Committee has assembled shoe boxes which are available in the narthex and other public areas of the church. The boxes are empty. The task of those who pick up a box (or two!) is to fill it. But don’t fill it with just anything. Inside each box is information explaining how to fill it, including what to include and what not to include. Read it!!! Again this year there is a tag you can put on “your box” which if you scan it into your phone, you can track your box’s destination!

Boxes are to be labelled for “boy” or “girl.” Also, each box is to be labelled for 2-4 years old or 5-9 years old or 10-14 years old. If you don’t read the instructions [and follow them!], you won’t be able to label your box properly.

Over the years we’ve received feedback from missionaries we support or who’ve stayed in the Mission House about the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. In each instance, the report is glowing with praise and appreciation. The kids are ecstatic, and the families are blessed. That’s true whether you’re talking about Ontario or Romania or Ukraine or Venezuela or Uzbekistan or Kenya or wherever. It’s an effective means of sharing goods and the Good News at the same time. Both are much needed.

All boxes are due back to the church by November 6th. Thanks for participating in the 2022 Operation Christmas Child project.

Senior’s Fall Feast

Come out on Thursday, October 6th for some food, fun, fellowship and fabulous music! Are you ready to laugh, are you willing to sing? Then come on out, make sure to bring a friend. If you need a ride you can contact the church office or email Denise at denise@leidyschurch.org. The fun begins at 11:30 in the Fellowship Hall.

We hope to see you there!

Rummage Sale

The week of October 9th is when our Gym will be transformed with all the donated items we have received, and our community is invited to shop for their family wardrobes, linens, jewelry, books, toys, household items, and much more!

The Big R actually takes place on Wednesday and Thursday, the 12th and 13th, but much work is done before then as well. Here’s when workers are needed:

  • On Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 8pm items are unpacked and arranged.
  • On Wednesday (9am to 8pm) we need friendly workers to bag items, serve as cashiers, and straighten items as many shoppers come to make their purchases.
  • On Thursday (9am to 6pm) we need the same sorts of workers as Wednesday, plus more! It’s the sales day featuring bags of goods for only $2, quite an attractive deal.
  • On Thursday at 6pm we need willing hands and strong backs to transform our facilities back for ministry before Sunday.

Mary Beth Musselman has a schedule she needs to fill, so be sure to speak with her if you can be plugged in at any time to help.

The funds raised at the Big R are disbursed where needed at Leidy’s Church and in our community by Ladies of Leidy’s. It’s a big undertaking, and with your help we can make it another great event.

Within the Fellowship

Congratulations to Mitchell and Kaitlyn VanDerbeek at the birth of a son, Theodore Andrew. May God be with them as they grow in Him. Our sincere Christian sympathy to Janice Peterman and family at the death of her husband Bob, and to Bambi Martindell and family at the death of her father, Phil Landes. May God be with them at this difficult time.

Women’s Ministry

Ladies of Leidy’s

Inviting all ladies to join us on Tuesday, October 4th at 7:00 pm in room 123. Our program for this month will be announced in the church bulletin, so be sure to check that out. We will also be talking about the upcoming Rummage Sale, and Advent Workshop in our business meeting. We look forward to seeing you.

Forever Home – Judgment House 2022

Leidy’s Church 2022 presentation of the gospel in a real-life scenario is almost here! This year our Judgment House presentation is called Forever Home – come to Leidy’s Church this October to follow the Driver family and their friend’s journey as their decisions in life affect their earthly home as well as their forever home after death.

Reminder – this is the biggest evangelical event that we do as a church and we need your help! Help us share the good news through this presentation by inviting friends, family and those in our community who do not know the Lord. As you read this, we challenge you to not only think who you can invite, but offer to attend with them so you can introduce them to our church, fellow believers, and most importantly, how they can understand God’s love for them. The presentations will take place at church during the evenings of October 21-23 and October 28-30.  Please call the church office to make reservations.

In addition to prayerful support and personal invitations, if you would like to participate in the drama, we can use help in building sets, security (non-speaking role), and serving in a variety of other ways. Please contact Tony Kapusta (215-390-7114), Tim Leidy (215-313-7621) or Jim Kinney (610-368-8701) for ways you can help. Join us in praying that the Lord would bless this outreach effort and that His Spirit would be moving in the hearts of those who will come.


The September 7, 2022 Consistory meeting was called to order at 8:00 p.m. Peter Martindell participated via zoom as part of the search committee report. Jeff Schatz opened in prayer and Tony Jones gave the devotion looking at the plea for gospel laborers in light of the Lord’s care for the lost in Matthew 9.

The members of the Young Adults & Worship Pastor search committee joined the meeting for the first few minutes to give their reflections and impressions on Jeffrey Pike and to unanimously present him as a candidate to the Consistory for the role. On the motion of Dana Gehman and on the second from Michael Nowling, the Consistory unanimously voted to hire Jeff Pike. He was to be introduced on Sunday, September 11, and begin immediately thereafter.

After the Young Adult & Worship Pastor search committee was disbanded and dismissed, minutes and financial reports were submitted. It was noted that while the total fund balance of 59,460.08 was significant, it is much smaller than the balance at the start of the year. Discussions surrounded both short term and long-term causes for decreased fund balance and all agreed for the need to spend conservatively.

Consistory received the resignation of Deacon Nate Kulp. Jeff Schatz presented an effort to reach Nate to speak with him about some of his absences and other concerns which have been reported to various elders. In the course of that effort, Nate verbally resigned to Pastor Steve citing the time required to move and search for a new church made his ability to serve difficult. The Consistory then prayed for the Kulp family.

In light of the resignation of Dave Doran, the Consistory reviewed a draft job description for the role. After some discussion of the description, Michael Nowling made a motion to authorize the executive committee to make final revisions to the job description and advertise, interview, and execute hiring for the position. John DiLenge seconded the motion and it was unanimously passed.

Shaun Permar gave an update from the Youth & Children’s Pastor search committee. There is a candidate who impressed the committee and is scheduled for a second interview on September 15th.

Leidy’s Church has now received some documentation from Coventry Christian School pertaining to the possible relationship between the school and the church if Leidy’s were to decide to start a school with them. The Consistory was asked to take the document, review its particulars, and be prepared to discuss it in October. Once The Consistory agrees with its contents in principle, it will be presented to the congregation.

Staff and committee reports were submitted.

The meeting ended at 10:38 p.m.

New City Catechism

Q: Why must the Redeemer be truly God?

That because of his divine nature his obedience and suffering would be perfect and effective; and also that he would be able to bear the righteous anger of God against sin and yet overcome death.

Acts 2:24: God raised him up, loosing the pangs of death, because it was not possible for him to be held by it.

Commentary – John Chrysostom

Let no one weep for his iniquities, for pardon hath shone forth from the grave. Let no one fear death, for the Savior’s death hath set us free. In as much as he was held captive of it, he hath annihilated it. By descending into Hell, He made Hell captive. He angered it when it tasted of his flesh. And Isaiah, foretelling this, did cry: Hell, said he, was angered, when it encountered thee . . . .It was angered, for it was abolished. It was angered, for it was mocked. It was angered, for it was slain. It was angered, for it was fettered in chains. It took a body, and met God face to face. It took earth, and encountered Heaven. It took that which was visible, and fell upon the invisible. O Death, where is thy sting? O Hell, where is thy victory? Christ is risen, and thou art overthrown. Christ is risen, and the demons are fallen. Christ is risen, and the Angels rejoice. Christ is risen, and life reigneth.

Leo Schuster

We often like to focus on the human aspects of Jesus, and it’s important to remember that Jesus was fully human. But he was also fully God. What does it mean that Jesus was fully God? and why is it so important that he, as our Redeemer, be truly God?

The apostle John opens his Gospel by declaring that Jesus is the eternal God in flesh. He explains: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. . . . The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth” (1:1, 14). In his letter to the Colossians the apostle Paul wrote, “For in him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily” (Col. 2:9).

Similarly, Jesus himself numerous times affirmed his divinity and that he was one with the Father. On one occasion, some of his listeners understood what he was claiming and tried to stone him, explaining that they were stoning him not for any good work, for blasphemy:, “You, being a man, make yourself God” (John 10:33). The book of Revelation describes Jesus as the Alpha and the Omega, the One “who was and is and is to come” (1:8). Indeed, he is no mere man. He is truly God.

So why is it so important that Jesus as our Redeemer be truly God? Our sin was committed against God. Only God can forgive a transgression against himself. This is why some of the religious leaders in Jesus’ day were horrified when he said he forgave sins. They understood the implications of what he said. How could a mere man forgive the sin we have against God? A mere man can’t, but God can.

Jesus needed to be fully human in order to be our substitute, but he needed to be fully God in order for his obedience and suffering to be perfect and for God’s justice to be completely and eternally satisfied.

October Ushers

Usher Captains: Tim Leidy, Peter Martindell

Ushers: Ron Moyer, Jake Niederhaus, Frank Allebach, Randy Godshall, Bob Ott, Calvin Radcliff, Ken Godshall, Mark Kostishion, Joe Sciacca, Josh Heebner, Jeremy Smith, Nick Sciacca, Jim Foote, Gary Brown.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

October Birthdays

1 – Marge VanOmmeren

2 – Shannon Connor, John DiLenge,

            Jim Eakins

            Laura Heebner, Kendall Musselman,

            John Niederhaus

6 – Andrew Heebner, Sam Jones,

            Kelly Wilwert

7 – Mike Hughes

8 – Dean Kulp, Eden Vogelzang

9 – Sarah Nowling

10 – Josh Heebner

11 – Jeff Maxwell, Jethro Smith

12 – Bonnie Doran, Earl Jaunzemis,

            Dolores Reed, Byron Rimmer

13 – Tom Merritt, Rachel Tyson

14 – Justin Coale, Renee Keeth,

            Rachel Leidy

15 – David Freed

16 – Jeremy Smith, Lucas VanDerbeek,

            Megan Walbrandt

17 – Tara DiLenge, John Kroesser,

            Sallybeth McClaskey, Darlene Schmidt

18 – Steve Landis

19 – Shirley Clemens, Abigail Hall,

            Terry Leidy, Hannah Niederhaus

22 – Joanna Mark

26 – Bob Bugge, LaRue Friday, Ron Miller,

            Bill Weigner

27 – Phyllis Allebach, Mary Leidy

30 – Jim Carling, Mary Hoyt, Brian Lafty, Jr., Abraham Martindell, Luke Reich

31 – Helen Hahn, Kevin Kleiner

October Anniversaries

3 – Brody & Renee Keeth

4 – David & Beth Guntz

5 – Rock & Astrid Rau

6 –Irv & Denise Kulp

7 – Bill & Miriam Weigner

8 – Jim & Dotty Lahl

9 – Jim & Lori Pluda

10 – Kevin & Joyce Godshall

11 – Doug & Caren Elliott,

            Jim & Angela Kinney

21 – Brian & Gina Shoemaker

22 – Jeremy & Justine Smith

23 – Ed & Darlene Schmidt

24 – Bob & Val Hager

25 – Brian & Wendy Radcliff

26 – Michael & Karen Mirabella