September 20, 2020

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Clyde Derstine, Madison Lentz 24th; Angela Caserta 25th; John Brockwell, Amelia McVaugh 26th; Judy Ott, Elaine Greene 27th; Ray Dettra, Bekah Kulp 29th; Vivian Martindell 30th.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Gary and Cindy Filson, Peter and Bambi Martindell, Tony and Kelly  Wilwert 27th; Rod and Yvonne Shoemaker,  Francis and Judi Weiss 28th; Tim and Rachel Leidy 29th; Dave and Allison Walbrandt 30th.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is The Day of the Lord. The Church longs for Christ’s return. When God’s people are united physically with their Savior to dwell in endless joy truly is something to look forward to. Sadly, however, the day of the Lord will not be pleasant for all. God’s Word tells us that the Day of the Lord will be terrible and awful for those who do not know Christ. Throughout the Scriptures there are warnings both for God’s people and the nations of the world to direct them to repentance and faith. We also must heed these warnings as we seek to live in the world today!

WE WELCOME JOSHUA JACOBS to Leidy’s Church today. Joshua knows that exotic, fascinating city of Paris, France. He lived, studied, and ministered there the past two years. He serves with Mission to the World, and will be heading back to France in the near future, though this time to a position in the southern part of the country. He will catch us up-to-speed about what lies ahead for him in his ministry in the country of France. 

PRAYER CARD SUNDAY – This is an opportunity to pray now for those who will in a few short years be the next generation of parents, workers, leaders, employers, teachers, and who knows what! But they face challenges today, so your prayers in asking God to keep them safe and shape their character is much needed. Don’t forget to remove the top of the prayer card, fill it out, and put it in the parent’s box. If you can’t find a mailbox in the narthex, give the card to the church office and they will be sure it makes it into the right hands.

IT’S TIME FOR TACOS! Ted and Wanda Brunner are having a prayer time this Thursday, from 7 to 9 pm to pray. You are welcome to join them. They will share Colossians 1:9-12 and will use the TACO format (Thanksgiving, Adoration, Confess, Others, Self)! Hope to see you there for a TACO feast!

GRACE NOTE: (noun) 1) An extra (small) note added as an embellishment. 2) a group of young dedicated singers (grades K-5) who often embellish the Chancel choir or the worship service in general.  Come join us starting Wednesday, Sept. 16th, 5:00 pm in the choir room.  We’ll sing a little (all spread out), have some fun and still make dinner before iBlast!  See Donna Frueh, Laurie Plank or Nancy VanDerbeek for details.

ONE OF OUR MEMBERS, Velva Stephenson, recently relocated to The Birches in Harleysville. Her birthday is the 21st, but her family would still like her to be showered with birthday blessings, even if they are late. Her new address is: Apt. 207, 691 Main Street, Harleysville, PA  19438.

IT IS LAUNCHED! The Gospel Gleaning outreach to the Erukulu people is finally underway. Shut down until now by the Covid pandemic, activities that were to have been inaugurated in March were launched just this past week. On Tuesday training to be literacy teachers among the Erukulu began for 15 persons. In early October, these 15 teachers will go among the Erukulu to begin their classes. Let’s keep on praying for the Erukulu people and for these 15 in-training literacy teachers.

PRAYER-POINTERS. Here are two prayer points for this week as we pray for the Gospel Gleanings outreach to the Erukulu people:

  • Pray for the fifteen teachers being trained to conduct literacy classes among the Erukulu people. Ask God to give them skill and competency in what they learn, and, especially, to confirm and enhance the vision each has to work among the Erukulu.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to be stirring in the hearts of the Erukulu people a desire to learn. May He grant them to be dissatisfied with their current lot in life, to long to gain skills that will permit them to exceed their current prospects. Most of all, to create in them a longing for Truth.

FREE HOSPTITAL BED – Contact Brian Lafty at 267-227-6623 if interested.

40 DAYS FOR LIFE happens this year from September 23 through November 1. The visible, public centerpiece of 40 Days for Life is a focused, 40-day, non-stop, round-the-clock prayer vigil outside a single Planned Parenthood center, the one in our area is located at 610 Louis Drive in Warminster. You may go to pray any day during the 40-day period from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. 

A YOUNG WOMAN from our church, Glory Griffith does cleaning for hire. She can be reached at 610-222-4431 or 267-377-6159.

THE BELL CHOIR is looking for substitute ringers. We rehearse socially distanced on Wednesday nights from 7:15 to 7:45. If you are interested, please call George Frueh at (215) 723-4769. Thank you.

BMCE SPONSORS BUS TRIP – BMCE has chartered  two Perkiomen coaches to take people to the Prayer March that happens this Saturday. Cost is $40 p/person. The coaches will leave from the Leidy’s Church parking lot at 7:30am. Information regarding the Prayer Walk may be found at To register for this trip, please call the Leidy’s Church office at 215-723-8707 sooner rather than later. 

ONE OF OUR FORMER BIBLE STUDY STUDENTS, Cindy Gerhart, is teaching a weekly Precept Upon Precept class on the books of Obadiah and Joel. The class meets on Wednesdays through November 4th from 9:15 to 11:30 am. If you would like to be a part of this class, please contact the church office or email Cindy at

NEWSLETTER ARTICLES for the October Newsletter are due in the office by Tuesday. Thanks