September 19, 2021

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.



  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! George Frueh, Drake Hager, Dave Walbrandt 23rd; Clyde Derstine, Madison Lentz 24th; Angela Caserta 25th; John Brockwell, Amelia McVaugh 26th; Judy Ott, Elaine Greene 27th; Ray Dettra, Bekah Kulp 29th.
  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Gary and Cindy Filson, Peter and Bambi Martindell, Tony and Kelly Wilwert 27th; Rod and Yvonne Shoemaker, Francis and Judi Weiss 28th; Tim and Rachel Leidy 29th.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Redemption, It Has a History. God has redeemed His people. Amen! Down through the ages the Lord has redeemed His people in various ways. Isaac was spared by the Angel of the Lord and a provided ram. Israel was redeemed through the waters of the Red Sea from the jaws of Pharoah’s army. Ultimately we see the Lord’s redemption in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Even though all of God’s people have been saved by faith and been granted the righteousness of Christ, our position in time (awaiting Christ’s second coming) allows us to understand God’s purposes for His people.

AN INFORMATIONAL MEETING about the candidate for senior pastor of Leidy’s Church, happens this Tuesday evening at 7:00 in the Fellowship Hall.

PRAYER CARD SUNDAY – This is an opportunity to pray now for those who will in a few short years be the next generation of parents, workers, leaders, employers, teachers, and who knows what! They face challenges today, so your prayers in asking God to keep them safe and shape their character is much needed. Don’t forget to remove the top of the prayer card, fill it out, and put it in the parent’s box. If you can’t find a mailbox in the narthex, give the card to the church office and they will be sure it makes it into the right hands.

LOVE CRADLE BANQUET happens this Saturday beginning at 5:30. The banquet is free of charge, though a free-will offering will be received. Call/contact the church office to register for the banquet.

ARE YOU READY AND WILLING? It may be possible for Leidy’s Church to sponsor an Afghan refugee family. This is no small task. It would require a core team of 6 to 12 individuals working together. It would be labor and time intensive. If you might be interested in being part of such a project, please contact the church office soon. This would encompass housing setup, transportation, community connections, education liaison, budget mentoring, friendship, perhaps English tutoring, and other matters depending on the particular family being sponsored. Bethany Christian Service would provide orientation, encouragement, resources, and other helps all along the way. The goal is to have the refugees self-sufficient in six months time.

THE IBLAST PROGRAM is in need of used magazines. If you have any, they can be left in the appropriately marked box in the office. Thank you.

CONGREGATIONAL MEETING – The Pulpit Committee has found a candidate for senior pastor of Leidy’s Church. He has been invited to preach a trial sermon next Sunday. There will be a congregational meeting immediately following the service.

FIRST EVER PA MARCH FOR LIFE happens next Monday. A Perkiomen coach will be leaving from the Leidy’s Church parking lot at 7:30 that morning; it hopes to be back at that location by 5 in the afternoon. There will be a Rally at 11 on the steps of the Capitol Building and the March takes place at noon. There is no cost for this bus trip – the PA Family Institute has an anonymous donor that is underwriting the cost for a bus from each county in PA! There are 7 seats left, call the church office to register for your seat on the bus to the PA March for Life Rally.

THE MISSION COMMITTEE meets this Wednesday evening at 7 in the Conference Room.

BOXES FOR REFUGEES should be brought to the church no later than next Sunday, the 26th. There are several different boxes you may contribute. Get a sheet from the table in the narthex to see your options and what to include and what sort of container to pack your materials in. If the recommended container will not contain all the items, use a separate box and label them Box 1 of 2 and Box 2 of 2.  Last week the listed items for the Kitchen Box inadvertently left out the line about flatware: 6 knives, 6 forks, and 6 spoons are requested. Thanks for your generous and timely help!

A/V HELP NEEDED: We are in need of people to work in the booth on Sunday mornings. Contact the church office or speak to Sam Im


  • Following conversion a person’s tastes change. They change for the better! Here’s how Psalm 119:103 expresses it: How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth. We pray this is part of the experience of the 450 Erukula individuals who are finishing of the Literacy Program in the next week or so. A year ago they couldn’t read; now they can. They’ve dipped deeply into the Scriptures. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to make this verse true in their experience. We wouldn’t object to the same in us as well!
  • In less than a month the Small Business Development Directors Training will begin in Chad. It runs from October 12 to October 21. At this training there will be 10-15 leaders. Global Disciples will train these leaders to lead Small Business Development trainings for church planters. The goal is for each of the leaders trained this October to go back to their home area and train a dozen or so church planters that will enable them to be self-supporting and to start businesses that help them make contacts in the communities in which they live. Let’s pray for all the arrangements that are necessary for these leaders to get to the meeting and participate. It’s not easy!

CARD SHOWER – Regina Kogel will be celebrating her 80th birthday on October 10th. She would be so happy to hear from you. Her address is: 2101 7th St., Emmetsburg, IA 50536, or you may place them in Tosha Kogel’s mailbox and she will make sure her mother gets them.

WANTED: Gently used bras (including sports, nursing and camisoles). There is a strong demand for used clothing in poorer countries. Bras are especially valued and command top dollar in the marketplace. Free The Girls is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that collects gently used and new bras. Two hundred bras are a half year’s inventory for a woman in Mozambique. There is a collection box in the narthex coat closet for your donations. Thank you

LOOK SHARP and take note. Grate Notes Kids Choir is starting. Come to the Choir Room (119) at 5:00 on Wednesdays and offer praises to the King. Contact Donna Frueh if you have any questions.

NEWSLETTER ARTICLES for the October Newsletter are due in the office by Tuesday. Thank you.