October 24, 2021

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.



  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Jim Carling, Mary Hoyt, Brian Lafty, Jr., Abraham Martindell, Luke Reich 30th; Helen Hahn, Kevin Kleiner 31st; Jaedyn Rittenhouse November 3rd.
  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! John and Mary Leidy November 3rd.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is God’s Zeal, God’s Glory, A Prophet’s Forthtelling. The Lamenter is not done. Lamentations contain another circuit of destruction and woe. God’s people are still left with death and darkness because of their sin. If left to their own devices, there is no hope and no way forward. While Christians have the assurance from God’s Spirit of the efficacy of Christ’s atoning work, perfect peace in this life is not fully realized. Lamentations helps us see the way in which the costly mercy of God is freely given to His people at the cost of His son.

WHEN SEASONS CHANGE – A ministry for women in our church and community to connect and encourage one another in any stage of widowhood ~ bring a friend! The ministry meets on Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 in the sanctuary. Contact: Verna 215-237-1370 or Donna 215-593-0378.

OBERAMMERGAU TOUR takes place in September 2022. This is the once-a-decade Passion Play in the Bavarian village of Oberammergau. Usually, it is done in the first year of the decade, that is, 2010 or 2020. In 2020 it was shut down by Covid. It is rescheduled for 2022. To reach that picturesque alpine site, we take the long route. We start at Rome and progress up the Italian peninsula visiting famous cities and sites along the way. We cross the Alps and descend into Innsbruck before arriving at Oberammergau. September 16-25, 2022, are the dates to set aside. Cost is $4,598, though there is a $100 discount for those who register before November 1st. Info sheets are available at the narthex hutch. Or, for more information, contact the church office or speak with John Niederhaus.

FREE TO A GOOD HOME:  Queen size bedroom set including mirror, mattress, 1 nightstand and dresser. All furniture in excellent condition. Available for pickup Sunday, October 30 or Monday, November 1 from Elm Terrace in Lansdale. Please contact Alice Kraus for questions or photos at 267-261-8543.

ONLY EIGHT MORE WEEKS UNTIL Christmas and even less until the Leidy’s Church Christmas Bazaar! This year the bazaar will be held on Saturday, Nov. 20, 9-2. If you’d like to reserve a table, see Donna Frueh A.S.A.P. Space is limited, so don’t procrastinate!  Call 215-723-4769 or email dsfrueh@comcast.net for more info.


            Issues & Answers – Romans – Fellowship Hall

            Pastor Steve’s Bible Class – Gospel of John – Rm. 211

            TBA – Does God Exist? Focus on the Family – Rm. 111

MEN’S BREAKFAST happens on Saturday, November 13th beginning at 8 a.m. and will feature breakfast burritos prepared by Chef Tony and crew. Sign-up on the sheet outside the kitchen. Speak with Dave Doran if you have any questions.

DO YOU LIVE IN A HIGH-TRAFFIC AREA? We only have a few yard signs for our Craft Show…so we want them strategically placed! If you think you get a lot of foot/car traffic in your area…please stop in the church office for a sign! Thanks!

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD BOXES are available in the narthex and at several other locations in the building. Everyone is encouraged to take one (or two!) and fill it according to the guidelines listed in the brochure you’ll find inside the box. That brochure contains important and helpful information about what to include and what not to include in your box. All boxes should be returned to Leidy’s Church no later than November 7th.


  • The Erukula people have church planters working among them now and for the next 12 months. Those men have a foundational message to bring. It is about the truth of the Gospel concerning Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. He leads us into a new life of growing practical conformity to the moral and spiritual truths that God has established for all of life, truths that don’t change. Let’s pray those men will know and experience – and will be able to communicate to the Erukula people – the reality of Psalm 119:165. Those who love Your law have great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble. As always, we can pray the same thing for us and for our land.
  • Pray for the Songhai-Koyraboro people in Niger. Located in the westernmost provinces of Niger, the Songhai are nearly all Muslim (99.8%) with a population of 934,000. Their religion is mixed with pagan practices involving spirit possession, magic, sorcery, ancestor worship, and witchcraft. Most of the villages have magician-healers, and witches. Ask the Lord to save key leaders among the Songhai who will boldly proclaim the Gospel. Pray that God will strengthen, encourage, and protect Songhai believers. Ask God to raise up intercessors who will faithfully stand in the gap for the Songhai. Ask the Lord to bring forth a vigorous Songhai church for the glory of His name! Pray for the Global Disciples workers in the region to find key leaders among the few Songhai Christians who will be equipped and sent as missionaries. Pray that near-culture disciples from neighboring regions will hear God’s call to take the Gospel to the Songhai people

GOD’S TREASURE HOUSE is holding a benefit concert featuring Marty & Misha Goetz on Saturday, November 6thhere at Leidy’s Church. Tickets are $25 per person, and the church office has a few tickets available for purchase. For a sneak peak at what you can expect, check out their songs on You Tube and prepare to be blessed!

AFGHAN REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT set to happen soon. BUT, more help is needed. A group of Leidy’s Church folk is looking for others who can come alongside in this effort. 20 to 30 more volunteers are needed. Many hands make light work! If you’re interested and/or willing to help out, contact Karen Parry at 267-446-8367. Areas where help is needed include housing/furnishings, financial planning, transportation, help in navigating such areas as medical care and filling out job application forms. There’s also a need for those who simply will be a friend. Let us know asap if you’re able to join with us as action must be taken in the next couple of weeks. We can fill you in on the details. Thanks for your help!

PASTOR TONY & SARAH have sent a letter to the congregation of Leidy’s Church as he looks forward to becoming our senior pastor. A copy has been put in your church mailbox.

HENRY G. APPENZELLER was the first Protestant missionary to set foot in Korea. [A Presbyterian then followed him off the boat, so it wasn’t by much!] Appenzeller was born and raised just up the road on Cherry Lane, and his family was among the charter members of Leidy’s Church when it was found in 1858, the same year Henry was born. He was confirmed here in 1872 by Pastor Peter Fisher. He died in a shipwreck in 1902 and his body was never found. A monument has been placed in honor of him by the Korean Methodist Church in the Appenzeller plot in the new cemetery. It’s located about 2/3 of the way up the driveway closest to Cherry Lane. You might want to look at it and read a bit about him.

BOB BUGGE AND FAMILY wish to thank the church family for their support and prayers during Ruth’s illness and since her death.

GOING ON PARADE – The Souderton Parade is almost here and we want to announce our presence in the community, but we need your help. We are gathering people young and old to join us in showing a nativity float complete with sheep and cows! The parade is December 4th. Please contact Sarah Nowling (sarah.nowling87@gmail.com) to join in the fun.

THIS WEEKEND is your last chance to tour Controlled. Tour times are from 6-9:20, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Making an advanced reservation will eliminate long waits in the crowd of walk-ins. The tour takes approximately an hour. Call the church office at 215-723-8707 to secure a spot or go to leidyschurch.org/gospeldrama to reserve a tour.

NEWSLETTER articles for the November Newsletter are due in the office by Tuesday. Thank you.