October 18, 2020

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Joyce Godshall, Joanna Mark 22nd; Ashley Frederickson 24th; Holly Lehman 25th; Bob Bugge, LaRue Friday, Curt Lockman, Ron Miller, Bill Weigner 26th; Phyllis Allebach, Mary Leidy 27th.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Glenn and Joyce Derstine, Jeremy and Justine Smith 22nd; Ed and Darlene Schmidt 23rd; Bob and Val Hager 25th; Brian and Wendy Radcliff 26th; Michael and Karen Mirabella 27th.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Israel’s rejection of God’s Law served as a sign they did not worship Him or serve Him. Their continued failure to repent seals the assessment. Our land seems to be marked by a similar rejection of the Lord. Is there anyway to be delivered or is our “fate” already sealed? Whether the nation repents or is crushed in judgment, believers must continue to look to the Lord.

THE LADIES SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS, which meets in Room 118, started a DVD series, entitled Sacred: Embracing God’s Design for Sexuality. The sessions deal with difficult issues raging in our homes, churches, neighborhoods, and workplaces today. It’s vital our thinking is deeply rooted in God’s life-giving Word and that we’re equipped to provide practical help and gospel-centered answers to others. If you have questions, please speak with Lorraine Kroesser.

THE YOUNG ADULT Sunday School class will be watching and discussing “The Truth Project” this quarter. We meet in Room 111, past the sanctuary, down the stairs, and to the left of the gym windows. The times are 8:45-9:45am, with 30 minutes of video, starting at 8:50, followed by discussion. This is for Young Adults between the ages of 18-25. Friends are welcome! We’d love to see you there! 

ISSUES & ANSWERS will be looking into the question Are You a Bigot? The answer to that question used to be based on what is in your heart and in your actions. That has all changed at an accelerating pace over the last few months. If you are interested in exploring this topic in a lively discussion format, please join Dave Reich and Steve Radcliff over the next couple of months in the Fellowship Hall.

FOCUS BIBLE STUDY – Pastor Steve continues work through the book of John. Come and explore and uncover the riches found in this Gospel. In John 20:30-31 we read, “Therefore many other signs Jesus also performed in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book; but these have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name.” Come join the study which meets in Rm. 211.

A SHIPMENT WILL BE GOING OUT to the Transition House at Love Cradle in the Ukraine very shortly. If you have any extra sewing, knitting or crocheting items (needles, hooks, thread, fabric, yarn, etc.) you’re not able to use any longer, you may donate them to Love Cradle. There is a grey tote bag located in the coat closet area marked “Love Cradle”. Thank you.

MINISTRY INFO NITE happens this Thursday, October 22nd. Jeff and Mary Kirkpatrick are hosting this ministry information night in the Fellowship Hall at 7pm. They are missionary appointees with Living Hope Native Ministries. Everyone is invited to come and learn more about how God is working with a ministry that Leidy’s Church supports but perhaps you don’t know very much about. There will be individual ice cream cups with those nasty little wooden spoons, but no worries about germs on the food. Mark your calendars for October 22nd at 7pm and email jandmkirk@gmail.com to sign up! If you are unable to attend in person or that night doesn’t suit, October 19th at 7pm will be on Zoom.

LEARN GETTYSBURG NOW via an all-day Survey Tour led by a personable and knowledgeable host. The date is November 17th, a Tuesday. So, if you’re wanting to go, call the church office sooner rather than later and reserve your seat. Cost is $100. That covers transportation to and from Gettysburg, snacks, drinks, lunch, and lively, informative, interactive, and insightful commentary. Profits will benefit the Gospel Gleanings program. This is the basic tour that covers the whole battlefield for all three days of the Gettysburg Battle. This is the tour for you if you want to go from knowing of Gettysburg to knowing about Gettysburg and the epic three-day battle fought there in 1863.

GETTYSBURG FOCUSED TOUR this year examines and explores the crucial role played by the Artillery Reserve of the Army of the Potomac. Currently, two tours are going, with each having 2 seats open. The dates are November 5th and November 11th. That means there’s room for you on either of those dates. Cost is $100, with the profits going to Gospel Gleanings. This is for hardened Gburg Tour veterans, so the food will consist of hardtack and lukewarm Coke Zero. ? Oh, come on, you guys know the details. Call the church office to get on the list. 

CHRISTMAS IS AROUND THE CORNER, but the Christmas Craft & Gift Sale is even closer! The craft show happens on Saturday, November 21st from 9-2 in the Fellowship Hall. If you would like to reserve a table, see Donna Frueh ASAP. Space is limited so don’t procrastinate!

LITERACY CLASSES among the Erukulu people have begun! Fifteen literacy trainers – each going into a different village or locale – have started classes of as many as 30 persons. Each class will meet for the next ten months on five nights a week for two hours. It is a significant commitment for all concerned. Literacy materials utilize resources that teach biblical truth and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, much like the educational Primers used in America in earlier times. This is able to happen because of your participation in the Gospel Gleanings program at Leidy’s Church. Pray for this light-bringing ministry to have life-giving fruit.

PRAYER-POINTERS. Here are two prayer points for this week as we pray for the Gospel Gleanings outreach to the Erukulu people:

  • Pray for the fifteen teachers conducting literacy classes among the Erukulu people. Ask God to confirm and enhance the vision each has to work among the Erukulu. Also, for their protection from outside harassment and interference.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to give great aid to those Erukulu individuals who are seeking to learn to read. It is something entirely new for them and they will feel very ignorant and incompetent. Pray that God will protect them from discouragement and bless them with competent comprehension. Most of all, to create in them a longing for Truth. 

BMCE IS SPONSORING a Faith and Public Life Forum with Kathy Barnette, a candidate for Congress from in the 4th Congressional District of PA. Kathy Barnette is an evangelical Christian. So, how does her faith inform her public life, particularly at the intersection of religion, government, and ethics/morality? Kathy Barnette will speak to this issue, and respond to your questions, this Thursday evening from 7-9pm. The site for this Faith and Public Life Forum is Leidy’s Church.

A GREAT BIG “Thank you” to all who helped make this week’s Rummage Sale a success. We made a little over $6400 and more is still coming in. We are already accepting donations for the next sale. Please note that we do not accept items not in usable condition. Place items in the center of the Rummage Room (on gym level) so that our sorters can keep up with the incoming goods, or call the church office if unsure of the procedure.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD will happen at Leidy’s Church in 2020! Boxes have been ordered and should be here soon. You may want to get some shopping for the boxes done ahead of time as they will need to be returned during the second week of November. Sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse, this project was headed up by Velva Stevenson in past years. Velva is not able to do it this year, so we thank the volunteers who have stepped forward to fill in the gap. Christmas is coming! So are Operation Christmas Child boxes!

NEWSLETTER articles for the November newsletter are due in the office by Tuesday. Thank you.