November 8, 2020

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Roger Jones, Donna Moyer 15th; Sylvia Holloway, Emma Lafty, Samuel Murphy 18th

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Steve and Iryna Yagilnicky, Justin and Emma Coale 13th; Nick and Cassie Olsyzk 14th; Don and Dianne Nase 18th

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is SHH . . . It Will Go Better With You. In Amos’ day, the faithful life looked like a grand game of whack-a-mole. The rules were simple; either go along to get along or get whacked. Amos, like other prophets in Israel and Judah, was called to proclaim difficult truths to the people of his day. He also faced times of persecution and rejection. Christians today are often in a similar situation to Amos. As we have been called by Christ to make disciples in all the nations (even the ones who do not want to listen), so we should expect to face our own fair share of resistance.


  • Today Are You a Bigot? – Dave Reich, Steve Radcliff
  • Nov. 15 Darryl and Carol VanDyken, with TWR
  • Nov. 22 Are You a Bigot? – Dave Reich, Steve Radcliff

IT’S COMING . . . sooner than you think . . . the Annual Leidy’s Christmas Craft & Gift Sale, November 21st from 9 to 2.  Don’t fight the crowds at the mall, grab a friend and your Christmas gift list and take care of all your shopping needs in one stop! Lunch and baked goods will be available all day. Many of the items at our sale are one-of-a-kind, so shop early for best selection. Spread the word that we are NOT cancelled and will be nice and spread out to make everyone feel comfortable! Please wear a face covering . . . so we can all stay healthy for the holidays!

ATTENTION LADIES, you are invited to a Christmas Potluck Dinner on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 right here at church.  The BIG RED sign-up sheet is on the wall right near the elevator. Great food, wonderful fellowship, and a blessing for all who attend.

DO YOU HAVE A BOX? We have plenty of Operation Christmas Child boxes available, so grab one today. We have two more weeks before the boxes are due back to the church. Each box will bring encouragement and hope and joy and blessing to a young person in some part of the world. Filling it will stir your heart as well. Consult the brochure in each box to help determine what you’ll put in your box. There are different suggestions for girls and for boys, for toddlers and for adolescents. And there are some things you should not put in the boxes. Boxes are due back by November 15th. Thanks for your participation in this annual Christian Christmas project.

TO LEIDY’S BEAUTIFUL FAMILY OF GOD. I wish to express my appreciation for your loving care during this year of Norm’s illness. Your prayers, cards, and many acts of kindness have been a blessing to us through this difficult time as well as uplifting us spiritually. Thank you and may God bless you all.

ARE YOU REMEMBERING? Those silk purses for collecting our daily Gospel Gleaning dollar are great reminders! Without them, it would be all too easy to forget to pray for the Erukulu people on a daily basis. We have three more weeks until the end of this part of the Gospel Gleaning initiative. It’s a good thing to finish strong! Let’s press on with our daily dollar donation and our diligent daily prayers for the Erukulu people.

PRAYER-POINTERS. Here are two prayer points for this week as we pray for the Gospel Gleanings outreach to the Erukulu people:

  • Pray for the 450 literacy students to comprehend the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic. We forgot how difficult it can be to learn something entirely new, especially when one is learning in the evenings after a long and hard day’s work. 
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to cause those near the 450 students not to put hindrances and obstacles to the learning that is taking place. Sometimes spouses or employers or neighbors may seek to discourage or inhibit the new direction being sought by the students. So, pray against jealousy, fear, and resentment that might motivate such obstacles.

BOXES DUE BACK for Operation Christmas Child by November 15th, which is next Sunday! While it’s not too late to grab a box and fill it, it will have to be filled rapidly. All boxes are due back to the church by next Sunday. This will allow time for them to be processed at Samaritan Purse headquarters and then be shipped across the country and around the globe to bring Christmas cheer and Gospel hope to many. 

LEARN THE LATEST FROM Daryl and Carol Van Dyken. Next Sunday the Van Dykens are speaking in the Issues and Answers Class. Recently returned from Cypress where they are actively involved in electronic ministry to central Asian countries, they have insights on what God is doing in lands closed off to normal means of outreach. Plus, they’ll let us know the latest on their family front with their kids married and scattered hither and yon! 

FOOD COLLECTION is taking place under the auspices of the Church & Community for the Keystone Opportunity Center. Make sure to check the expiration date on donated items to insure they are useable. Please have them here by November 22nd. Thanks for your help. Here are the foods they are looking for at this time:

Canned vegetables – corn, green beans, potatoes, carrots, beets; Pork & Beans; Beef Stew; Tuna; Canned fruit in juice; Juice boxes; Jelly (strawberry & grape); Canned chicken; Soups – all varieties; Saltine crackers, Cheez-its, Wheat Thins; Snacks: granola bars, peanut or cheese crackers, Pop Tarts; Size 5 and 6 diapers; Dish soap.

DO YOU LIVE in a High-traffic area? We only have a few yard signs for our Craft Show…so we want them strategically placed!  If you think you get a lot of foot/car traffic in your area…please stop in the church office for a sign! Thanks!

HELP IS NEEDED in childcare during the worship service. Would you like to get to know the children at Leidy’s Church a little better? The best way to do that is to volunteer in the Nursery, in the Lambs, or in Children’s Church. Help is especially needed in Children’s Church. Contact Justine Smith if you would like to help in any of these childcare areas.