November 7, 2021

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.



  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Karen Focht, Nathan Kulp 11th; Roger Jones, Donna Moyer 15th.
  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Justin and Emma Coale, Steve and Iryna Yagilnicky 13th; Nick and Cassy Olsyzk 14th.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is The Justice of God in the Distress of Man. What good does it do me to know that God’s compassion never fails, if He does not hear my prayers? At this point, the Lamenter has affirmed God’s great love and mercy but still languishes amidst suffering. Like the Lamenter, we need to look to the Lord who gives all good things. Though we may not understand all of His purposes at this time, we continue to look to Him and trust that He will work all things together for good in our lives.


  • Issues & Answers – Romans – Fellowship Hall
  • Pastor Steve’s Bible Class – Gospel of John – Rm. 211
  • Young Adults – Does God Exist? Focus on the Family – Rm. 111
  • Women’s Sunday School

MEN’S BREAKFAST happens this Saturday beginning at 8 a.m. and will feature breakfast burritos prepared by Chef Tony and crew. Sign-up on the sheet outside the kitchen. Speak with Dave Doran if you have any questions.

SPIRITUAL COUNCIL meets this Tuesday evening at 7:00 in Room 125.

DO YOU LIVE IN A HIGH-TRAFFIC AREA? We only have a few yard signs for our Craft Show…so we want them strategically placed! If you think you get a lot of foot/car traffic in your area…please stop in the church office for a sign! Thanks!

CONSISTORY meets this Wednesday evening at 7:30 in the Conference Room.

THE SUNDAY MORNING LADIES Sunday School class will begin to meet again starting today. Verna Bowman and Lorraine Kroesser will facilitate the class which will work through Dr. David Jeremiah’s Overcomer series for the next six weeks. They will meet downstairs somewhere near Room 118. Just look for a sign on the door directing you where to go.

IT’S COMING . . . SOONER than you think . . . the Annual Leidy’s Christmas Gift & Craft Sale, November 20th from 9-2. Take a break from Amazon shopping, grab a friend your Christmas gift list and take care of all your shopping needs in one stop! Lunch and baked goods will be available all day. Shop early for best selection.

THE INTERNATIONAL FOOD FESTIVAL at St. Philip Orthodox Church is rescheduled to take place next weekend, November 12 and 13. Each day foods from as disparate places as Ethiopia, Greece, Eritrea, Russia, and Lebanon will be served from noon until 7pm. Tours of the church will be available and other activities as well. St. Philip Church is located at 1970 Clearview Road, Souderton.

POTENT AND GENEROUS PORTIONS OF THANKSGIVING are extended to Jacqui Shafer, Karen Focht, and their faithful crew in serving an attractively appointed, thoughtfully arranged, and graciously served luncheon that was a delight to the eyes and relished by the tastebuds of our guests from Korea who were present on the occasion of the unveiling of the memorial monument of Rev. Henry Appenzeller. It was a grand affair, and great thanksgiving was offered to God. Rev. Appenzeller grew up at Leidy’s Church and was the first Protestant missionary to set foot in Korea. He did so on Easter Sunday, April 5, 1885. He took the gospel to an unreached people group and the Lord Jesus blessed his labors abundantly.

A NOTE FOR LEIDY’S CHURCH: Dear Friends at Leidy’s Church, Thank you so much for providing a home for us when COVID made it difficult to return to S. Asia in mid-September. The Mission House is a great place of refuge and a beautiful place to be able to have some family time with our son, his wife, and our grandson. Thank you for being God’s hands of provision for us, and many others. Thank you for your prayers and support. We pray God’s rich blessings on you as you continue to be a blessing to those around you and to the world.

                                                            With gratefulness,

                                                            Brian and Barb Sorge


  • The Erukula people are in the midst of wonderful discoveries! For over a year now, God has been at work in their midst. Though a very small minority – really, a miniscule minority – have been regenerate by the work of the Holy Spirit, the vast majority of Erukula individuals are still in the dark. That means the witness of those who have come to faith is important. This week, let’s pray Psalm 119:129 to be a reality among Erukula believers – and for the church planters working among the Erukula. Here’s what it says: Your testimonies are wonderful; Therefore my soul observes them. May their joy in God’s Word be evident from their countenances and from their behavior.
  • Hope is an anchor for our souls. That’s what Christians are taught in Heb. 6:19. As we pray for the clusters of Christian fellowships in Chad and Niger, we might pray that God would give them that very anchor for their souls. When you are part of a group that consists of less than 1% of the population, things can appear rather hopeless at times! Nonetheless, there are committed Christian disciples in Chad and Niger strategizing on how to take the gospel to unreached people groups in their lands. Let’s pray the Holy Spirit will continue to encourage them with hope, and that they will see their hopes realized.

BOXES DUE BACK for Operation Christmas Child today! This allows time for them to be processed at Samaritan Purse headquarters and then be shipped across the country and around the globe to bring Christmas cheer and Gospel hope to many.

THANK YOU from Beth Guntz for all the prayers and concerns expressed by her Leidy’s Church family.

THE ADVENT WORKSHOP is Sunday, November 28th. This is an event for the entire family to enjoy! Samples of the crafts are on the table outside the Fellowship Hall along with a sign-up sheet for each. Please consider teaching or assisting with the craft if no one has signed up to do so. If you have questions, speak with Shannon Kehs or anyone from Ladies of Leidy’s.

THE CARE COMMITTEE meets tomorrow at 7 pm in Room 211.

ATTENTION BAKERS! An important part of our Craft & Gift Sale is our baked goods! We would like to extend an invite to ALL bakers . . . not just the Ladies of Leidy’s! Just bring it to the kitchen anytime Friday or before 9 a.m. Saturday. Please label it “craft show bake sale”. Thanks in advance for your support.

AFGHAN REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT set to happen soon. BUT, more help is needed. A group of Leidy’s Church folk is looking for others who can come alongside in this effort. 20 to 30 more volunteers are needed. Many hands make light work! If you’re interested and/or willing to help out, contact Karen Parry at 267-446-8367. Areas where help is needed include housing/

furnishings, financial planning, transportation, help in navigating such areas as medical care and filling out job application forms. There’s also a need for those who simply will be a friend. Let us know asap if you’re able to join with us as action must be taken in the next couple of weeks. We can fill you in on the details. Thanks for your help!

SEASONS OF CHANGE is a ministry to women experiencing any level of widowhood. Please join us for Connection, Comfort, & Challenge on Tuesday, November 23rd, from 6:30-8:30 in the sanctuary.

THANK YOU from Stan Radcliff for the prayers, concerns, and cards he received while recovering from his surgery.

GOING ON PARADE – The Souderton Parade is almost here and we want to announce our presence in the community, but we need your help. We are gathering people young and old to join us in showing a nativity float complete with sheep and cows! The parade is December 4th. Please contact Sarah Nowling ( to join in the fun.