May 17, 2020

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mabel Neal, Donna Weiss 14th; Ben Leidy, Stan Radcliff 17th; Patti Jones, Janice Kulp, Jim Kulp 18th.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! T. Dale and Jane Leidy, Tom and Susan Merritt 15th; Jerry and BJ Kulp 16th; LeRoy and Diane Gehman 18th; Mike and Deb Hughes, Dave and Marcy Kirkpatrick 19th.

THE ROSEBUD on the communion table is in honor of a daughter, Lillian Brooke, born to Jim and Danielle Mylin on Tuesday. May God be with them as they grow in Him.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Righteous Rejoicing. Though it’s hard to believe, the word Hallelujah is found in the NT in our text today from Revelation. Then it occurs only in rapid, staccato fashion four times in just six verses. What is the occasion for this sudden outburst? The ultimate, final triumph of God. That means the defeat of all His enemies. The first thing that takes place in celebration of His victory is the marriage feast of the Lamb. The fourth Hallelujah is the introduction to begin the banquet. We hear it each time we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Communion points to Calvary, but it also points to the marriage Feast.

SPECIAL THANKS to the music and A/V personnel who continue to work hard to make our service happen – and to make it available online. All this work of ministry is deeply appreciated.

FROZEN PRE-COOKED MEALS are available from the church. They consist of a variety of casseroles: chicken, stuffed pepper, chili, etc. If this would be a help to you or someone you know, call the church office to arrange a pick-up time. 

THE CONFIRMATION CLASS will meet again this Monday evening at 7:30 via Zoom. If you are a member of the class and have not received an invitation, let Pastor Niederhaus know asap so you can join in all the fun!

PRAYER-POINTERS. Here are two prayer points for this week as we pray for the Gospel Gleanings outreach to the Erukulu people:

  • Pray that God would protect the Erukulu people from the schemes of the devil who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. Ask for the Lord Jesus to preserve those who are in abusive situations, and for the Holy Spirit to convict the souls those who are abusers. 
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to orchestrate all the events in India that have upset the original plans for gospel outreach to the Erukulu people. That He would grant patience and perseverance to the India Bible Literature personnel and that He would cause Erukulu leaders to look forward to others coming in to interact with them.

A SEARCH IS ON FOR GRADUATES! Please notify the office if you or a person from your family is a graduate this year. Include the school from which they are graduating and what their plans may be for the future. We would like to have the information for the June newsletter. Thank you.

FOOD COLLECTION is taking place under the auspices of the Church & Community Committee. A table is in place in the narthex where you may bring your food donations. This is done in conjunction with the Keystone Opportunity Center. Here are the foods they are looking for at this time:

Canned vegetables – corn, green beans, potatoes, carrots, beets; Pork & Beans; Beef Stew; Tuna; Canned fruit in juice; Juice boxes; Jelly (strawberry & grape); Canned chicken; Soups – all varieties; Saltine crackers, Cheez-its, Wheat Thins; Snacks: granola bars, peanut or cheese crackers, Pop Tarts; Size 5 and 6 diapers; Dish soap.

You should check the expiration date on donated items to insure they are useable. Please have them here by May 31st. Thanks for your help.

THANK YOU TO ALL who have continued to make financial contributions even though we are not gathered as a congregation and have no formal Offering time! We do need ongoing support to pay our various ongoing bills. Online giving has been utilized by some. Others have “mailed it in” and really done so! A few have stopped by the church office and chatted with our office personnel while dropping off their tithes and offerings. To all, we say: Thank You very much