March 3, 2019 Bulletin

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.

Julia Gregory, Sara Kirkpatrick, Josh Kirkpatrick 9th; Isaac Kehs 10th.     

Roger and Patti Jones 8th; Dennis and Bonnie Doran 10th.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Write It Down! We ought to consider more carefully the great legacy of literacy. Having a written language is a game changer. God took care to write things down. Some things He wrote in stone – hello, Ten Commandments! Moses smashed the first copy of the Commandments. In today’s text, God commands Jeremiah to write down all the prophecies he’s spoken. Guess what? When they’re read to the king, he burns them! Like the Ten Commandments, God has them written down, again. Luke and Pilate also write some things down. As it turns out, both write under God’s inspiration.

MARCH IS MISSIONS MONTH gets off to a roaring start with the return of Denny and Sue Barger this morning. We extend a hearty welcome to them, while giving thanks for God’s good work in and through their lives. Dreams Alive is a ministry that brings help and the Gospel to folk in the Middle East. We’ll hear some of what is happening in that volatile area of the world this morning.

LENT BEGINS this Wednesday which is Ash Wednesday. The service begins at 7:30 but will be a bit different than previous years as it will be the service of worship that concludes our Day of Prayer & Fasting. It will be a good service to help all of us orient the eyes of our hearts towards Easter.

Today              Denny Barger – Dreams Alive Ministry     
March 10         Anees Zaka – Church Without Walls    
March 17          Clay & Becky Walter – Mission Aviation Fellowship

THE MONTHLY AFTER-SERVICE LUNCHEON happens in two weeks on Sunday, March 17th. Lunch will be provided by the Women’s Sunday School class. You’re invited to hang out after worship for some good food and fellowship.

SLMT-PIKANGIKUM TRIP 2019 SIGNUP is underway! The sign-up sheet is posted on the narthex wall. July 11th through the 21st are the dates. Mark it on your calendar. No one is too young, no one is too old. Likewise, no one is too skilled and no one is too unskilled. You simply need to be a ready and willing worker with VBS materials and kids or with maintenance projects and tools. Seek the Lord, perhaps He wants to use you in this year’s ministry to Canada.

In This Time of Need is feeding Venezuelan refugees. For that to happen, Pastor Dagoberto has had to rent a house, buy a commercial grade stove, purchase pots and pans and kitchenware, lay in a supply of food and plastic-ware on which to serve it, assemble a crew of volunteers to help, get the word out to the refugees, and figure out how to manage all that in a orderly fashion. The program is called The Good Samaritan in Cucuta. Pastor Dagoberto has a right hand man in Wilmer. He, along with his wife Mercedes and their three children, will be residing in the feeding house. We need to remember Pastor Dagoberto, Wilmer and Mercedes, and all the other workers at The Good Samaritan outreach house in Cucuta.

OUR DAY OF PRAYER AND FASTING begins this Tuesday evening. There will be an Orientation Service at 7:30 that evening to help us develop a unified vision for why we’re doing what we’re doing. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.

INQUIRER’S CLASS BEGINS on Sunday, April 7th. This is a class for those interested in learning more about Leidy’s Church. While not a membership class, it is a class one must take before becoming a member. It consists of six separate sessions conducted in the Conference Room on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour. You may register for the class by speaking with the church office or talking with Pastor Niederhaus.

THE LADIES OF LEIDY’S March meeting will be cancelled to allow participation in the informal Fasting & Prayer Service on Tuesday, March 5th.

REVVING UP THE RECIPIES is the order of the day as the Chili Cook-Off is this Saturday. Enter your all-time favorite recipe, or, perhaps, that new recipe over which you’ve been laboring for a time. Entry fee is only $25. That fee also gets you a free pass to eat all you want at the actual event. For more details talk to the knowledgeable ladies in the office. All proceeds help fund In This Time of Need.

THE CHRISTIAN EDUCATION DEPT. is collecting pictures of children in our Nursery through 12th grade Sunday School classes for 2019 prayer cards which will be distributed on Palm Sunday. Parents, be sure a picture of your child(ren), with their name and birthdate on the back, is turned in to their Sunday School teachers, or the church office. If you do not have a picture, let their Sunday School teacher know, and we will take one for you. It is our desire that each child has an adult praying for them!

THINK SPRING! Karen Mirabella has agreed to lead a workshop for ladies who may be interested in decorating a grapevine wreath to display at their homes. The class will be open to a maximum of 20 participants and will be held on Saturday, March 23rd, beginning at 9 am in the Youth Room. To help cover the cost of materials we ask each person to pay $10. Supplies will be provided, and a sample wreath will be displayed within the next few weeks. If you would like to be creative and enjoy a bit of fellowship with the ladies, sign-up on the sheet posted on the narthex wall.

AUCTION DONATION FORMS for the Leidy’s Church Auction set for April 27th are in your mailboxes. Please pray how you can support this worthy endeavor. Call the church office if you have any questions about the auction or ideas you might have about donation items.

LUNCH BUNCH LUNCHEON happens on Wednesday, April 17th at 11:30 a.m. The luncheon is open to everyone 65+. Friends are invited also. If you would like to attend, please sign up on the sheet posted on the narthex wall or contact the church office to get your name on the list. A free-will offering will be taken. Deadline to sign up is April 7th.

SAVE THE DATE – Make sure to get the Love Cradle Mission Banquet on your calendar. It happens Saturday, April 6th.