June 16, 2019 Bulletin

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Richard Marsh, Jakob Niederhaus, Sandy Swartz 20th; Glenn Derstine, Katelyn Kulp 21st; Courtney Lepping 22nd; June Burkholder, Jack Edling, Marcy Kirkpatrick 23rd; Norman Moyer 24th; Kristen Parry 26th.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Dave and Maxine Parfitt, Dave and Lorraine Reich, John and Cyndi Schilling 21st; Alex and Ally Hager, Dave and Flor Hughes, Stewart and Patty Kendall 22nd; Matt and Tara McVaugh; Chris and Katie Tawney 23rd; Rich and Betty Hughes, Tom and Alice Kraus, Greg and Sandy Nase 24th; Bill and Elaine Teate 26th.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is So, How Often Do We Have to Encourage Others? Grumble, Grumble, Grumble. We are called to encourage one another as long as it is called “today.” Even tomorrow, when it gets here, will be “today.” Think about that for a minute! Why is it so important to encourage one another? Because biblical encouragement is an antidote to grumbling. Grumbling, you see, hardens our hearts and turns them (and us!) away from the Lord. Israel grumbled, hardened their hearts, and died in the wilderness due to their unbelief. From this we learn we are to encourage one another that we might hold fast to faith in the Lord Jesus.


  • Today – Steve Radcliff – Gone to Pot
  • June 23 – Mary Faus
  • June 30 – Bob Wendt, Abundant Honor Ministries

NEW MEMBERS WILL BE RECEIVED into the fellowship of Leidy’s Church on Sunday, July 7th.  Those persons who are interested in becoming members should contact the church office or Pastor Niederhaus so proper arrangements can be made.

LUKE 19 PROJECT – Father-Daughter outdoor services. Flower bed care including clean-up, weeding, edging and mulching. Yard care including clean-up of tree debris, mowing, and trimming. $25 dollars for first hour. Then $10 / hr. Please call Matt McVaugh at 610-587-0832 to discuss if interested.

THE JUNE FELLOWSHIP LUNCHEON takes place next Sunday. Everyone present that day is invited and encouraged to hang around and enjoy a meal at no cost to you! We don’t know what the meal will consist of yet, except that it will be good, almost as good as the fellowship around the tables.

SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL begins next Sunday. We would like to give our teachers a break over the summer. So, if you are a parent, prayer partner, grandparent, aunt/uncle, or friend please consider taking one Sunday to teach this summer. All material is provided for you. There is a sign-up sheet with the dates needed in the narthex. Thank you.

LUKE 19 PROJECT – Darlene Schmidt and Nancy VanDerbeek have put together a piano duet CD. Cost is $10. Sign-up on the board in the narthex.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the graduates in our midst. We wish God’s continued work in and through your lives. Graduates from high school are:

  • Megan Walbrandt
  • Ruth Thompson
  • Chase Mahoney
  • Christian Rau
  • Reagan Hostelley
  • Brian Lafty
  • Collin Radcliff

and graduates from college are:

  • Nicole Tyson
  • Angela Caserta
  • Brittany Weiss
  • Kaitlyn Rittenhouse
  • Sarah Wright

WAITING TO BE ASKED to support someone who is part of SLMT-Pik? If you’re in that position, please speak with Pastor Niederhaus and he’ll get you lined up with someone whom you can pray for and provide a bit for. Some of our SLMT-Pik mission folk are a little bashful, not knowing how you might respond to them. Knowing you’re looking to support someone will be a help to them.

THE MISSION COMMITTEE MEETS this Thursday at 7pm in the Conference Room. Please take note as this is a change from the normal monthly meeting day.

WE GIVE THANKS TO GOD for our fathers, both those who have gone before us, and those in our midst today. Our lives have been enriched, challenged, and blessed by you. May God give to fathers to wisdom, strength, courage, and humility to carry out the mandate He’s given them.

THE WORSHIP COMMITTEE MEETS this Tuesday at 7:30pm in Room 211, that is, in Pastor Steve’s classroom.

THE SOUDERTON AMERICAN LEGION is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. On Saturday July 13th they will host an Open House from 12 to 4pm at their site at 353 Main Street. These veterans still serving America invite the community to come and celebrate with them on that day.

LUKE 19 HARVEST DAY is next Sunday! On March 31st the Mission Committee distributed $20 bills among the worshiping congregation that day. The Committee challenged us to ask God to multiply those $20 bills over the next 12 weeks. Much multiplication has occurred! Along with our regular offering next Sunday, we will receive the harvest increase from those $20 bills. The goal is to help underwrite our In This Time of Need project in Cucuta, Colombia, ministering to Venezuelan refugees. We’ll be amazed at what God has done. [Don’t worry, if your project wraps up after next Sunday, when you bring in the harvest just mark it Luke 19 and it will be recorded with the rest.]

VBS MARKETPLACE happens this week at Leidy’s Church. Every evening, Monday through Friday, will find young folk experiencing the first century life of a village in Israel. Your prayers for this ministry (and all persons involved therein) will be appreciated much!

HAROLD HOLLOWAY is in need of someone to work on a grandfather clock. If you know of such a person please contact him at 215-257-3325.

PLEASE NOTE: The Monday Night Ladies Bible Study will be meeting tomorrow evening in the Conference Room.

FELLOWSHIP MEALS: WHO DOES THEM? Did you ever wonder who puts on our Fellowship Meals? The answer is, we do them. The “we” is any group of persons who wants to provide a blessing to the wider congregation through this means. We’ve had Small Groups do them, Committees do them, families do them. There are limited opportunities, less than 12 per year, and only one per month. If you and group of like-minded individuals would like to do one, contact Rich Kapusta or Nathan Kulp and they’ll see if they can find a spot for you on the schedule.

NEW DATE AND TIME! Ruth Thompson’s graduation party has been moved to June 30th from 1-5 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Snacks served at 1:00, parental remarks at 2:00, meal at 2:30. Anyone who knows Ruth is welcome – adult, child, or whole family. Please RSVP to Jerri Thompson at 610-792-2458 or cjthompson@ieee.org.