June 27, 2021

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.



  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Karen Carling 1st; Dennis Doran 2nd; Genevieve McVaugh, Debbie Schatz, Jacob Shoemaker, and Blake Weiss 3rd; Bambi Martindell 6th; Rose Jaunzemis 7th.
  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Jake & Hannah Niederhaus 2nd; Michael & Sarah Nowling 6th; Terry & Darlene Leidy; Skip & Donna Smith 7th.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Prayer for Spiritual Insight in Christ. The Apostle Paul’s inspired prayer for the saints to receive from God spiritual wisdom, understanding, and illumination in one sense has already transpired, when they by faith in Jesus Christ received God’s gift of salvation and eternal life. So, the question is, why pray for these saints for what they have already received? The answer to this question will be discovered as we expose the riches of the content of Paul’s prayer for the saints.

A HUGE THANKS to all who made VBS a success. We are happy to report that no children were swallowed by fish.

SLMT SIGN-UP SHEETS CLOSE. The last day to sign up is Wednesday, the last day of June. Here are the options:

  • For Work Week July 12-16
  • For Work Week August 2-6
  • For Lunch Preparation/Delivery for July week and/or August week
  • For Saturday July 17
  • For Saturday August 7

     We will be doing construction, maintenance, and landscape

A MEMORIAL SERVICE for Joy Amstutz will be held today here at Leidy’s Church, at 4:00 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend as well as being invited to a fellowship meal afterwards in the Fellowship Hall. There are lots of memories of Joy to be shared.

SLMT WORK WEEK INFO. Here are some items of interest and some items that need to be addressed. Please read each to see if or how they might apply to you:

  • If you will be part of a SLMT Work Week, including those only going on a Saturday, please let the church office know asap if you have any food allergies. The Food Prep Committee needs that information as they begin to cook up their plans. Thanks.
  • If you signed up to be part of SLMT Work Week but you were not able to attend the Orientation Meeting on the 16th of this month, please stop by the church office to receive the forms and information you will need to complete to be part of the team.
  • SLMT Work Week participants are required to raise a certain amount of money and a certain number of prayer supporters. To that end, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to be such a supporter. Support needs to be gathered as soon as feasible. If no one asks you for support, but you would like to be a supporter, contact John Niederhaus or the church office and you will be asked!
  • Yes, you may still sign up to be part of SLMT ’21. See the other blurb in this bulletin that enumerates the possibilities and when the sign-up window closes.

DEAR CHURCH FAMILY, THANK YOU from the “bottom of my heart” for the multi-kindnesses, cards, calls, meals, and concern as I continue to recuperate. – Verna Bowman

A SPECIAL THANK YOU from Helen Hahn for all the many cards and prayers she received while she was in the hospital and also now that she is at home.


  • One of the prerequisites for growth in the things of God is an appreciation that there is the one, true, living God and that He is the Creator and Sustainer of all the created order. Part of what the literacy program among the Erukula people teaches are such basics as this. We pray that such awareness will be prevalent among the literacy students. As such becomes the case, there is a good attitude/prayer posture we pray will also prevail. It finds good expression in Psalm 119:12. Here’s what it says: Blessed are You, O Lord; Teach me Your statutes. May they so pray; may God hear and grant their prayer.
  • In the July/August Newsletter there is an article listing Global Discipleship trainings to be held in Chad and Niger this fall. How might we pray for such trainings? Here are some prayer pointers you can stick in your Bible and pray most any time: always pray for the potential attendees who will be part of the training; ask God to prepare them; ask the Lord to remove any obstacles that would keep them from attending; pray for the Spirit of God to protect their families and churches from persecution and violence. From the August 2-12 Program Directors training, 12 new Global Discipleship programs are projected to begin. Each should have around 15 participants. Upon completion of the training they will be sent out as missionaries to neighboring least-reached areas of Niger.

IF YOU WOULD like to share special music anytime this summer during Sunday worship, please call Nancy VanDerbeek at 215-896-7664.

THE YOUNG ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS that has been meeting with Justin/Emma Coale and Jim/Ginna Foote, will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall, June 27 – Sept 5 to join Pastor John’s class on the book of Romans. ALL young adults, including those home from college are invited and encouraged to join us! Looking forward to seeing you there!

SUMMER ISSUES & ANSWERS – A Ramble thru Romans began today and ends on September 5th with John Niederhaus as the teacher. He anticipates more of a discussion format than a lecture format. It could even turn into a Quodlibet type setting. Come out to the Summer Issues & Answers Sunday School class and find out.