June 14, 2020

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Buck Landis, Ben Smith 18th; Lillian King, Austin Merritt, Joe Sciacca, Jane Wilson 19th; Richard Marsh, Jakob Niederhaus, Sandy Swartz 20th; Glenn Derstine, Katelyn Kulp 21st; Courtney Lepping 22nd; June Burkholder, Jack Edling, Marcy Kirkpatrick 23rd; Norman Moyer 24th.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Dana and Barb Gehman 19th; Dave and Maxine Parfitt, David and Lorraine Reich, John and Cynthia Schilling 21st; Alex and Ally Hager, David and Flor Hughes, Stewart and Patty Kendall 22nd; Matt and Tara McVaugh 23rd; Rich and Betty Hughes, Tom and Alice Kraus, Greg and Sandy Nase 24th.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine. We should all desire to be on our way to a place where the sun doesn’t shine. Ordinarily, that is a phrase more connected with cursing than blessing. Not this time! We’re talking about the city of God! This is a city that has no need of the sun or the moon. Why? Because the Lamb is its lamp. It is the city which Abraham and the patriarchs were seeking. It’s a bejeweled city that’s been through the fire, as it were. The kings of the earth (which the sun and moon represent, remember) will bring their glory into it. Nothing unclean shall ever come into it. Wow!

THE SACRAMENT of Holy Communion will be shared during the service of worship next Sunday. Come prepared to worship and receive.

THE MISSION COMMITTEE meets Tuesday evening at 7:00 in the Conference Room. 

THANK YOU from Patty Kendall for the cards, prayers, well wishes and food after her recent surgery. You are all a blessing! 

PRAYER-POINTERS. Here are two prayer points for this week as we pray for the Gospel Gleanings outreach to the Erukulu people:

  • Pray that God will illumine the Erukulu people with the light of the Gospel, even as they dwell in places of darkness. As they stumble through life seeking they know not what, ask God to put a longing for Truth in their hearts.
  • Pray for God to encourage and protect the hearts and minds of  the India Bible Literature personnel being trained in Chennai, India, to work among unreached people groups, including the Erukulu people. Ask the Holy Spirit to protect each one from all adversaries – spiritual, physical, and societal.

THE RUMMAGE ROOM IS OPENED AGAIN! We are accepting donations for our next Rummage Sale, [which may take place the second week of July – but who knows for sure!]. Please place your items in the center of the Rummage  Room so that our sorters can keep up with the incoming goods. Thank you.

THE JUNE FELLOWSHIP LUNCHEON may or may not take place two weeks from today. Everyone present that day may or may not be invited and encouraged to hang around and enjoy a meal.

CONGRATULATIONS to all graduates in our midst. We wish God’s continued work in and through your lives. Graduates from high school are:

  • Natalie Reich
  • Megan Weiss

and graduates from college are:

  • Emma Lafty
  • Brittany Weiss

A MEMORIAL SERVICE for Jean Clarke will be held on Thursday, June 25th at 10 a.m.

THE ORDINATION SERVICE for Pastor Michael is tentatively set for July 26th at 5pm. A signal event in the life of our congregation, we are all invited to enter that date and time into our calendars.

A SERVICE OF CONFIRMATION will take place next Sunday morning. We have nine young persons who will be making their adult profession of faith, confirming their acceptance of and adherence to the faith into which they were baptized or dedicated as infants, and about which they have received formal instruction for the past two years as part of our Confirmation Class.

HEAR THE APOSTLES’ CREED read by various families of Leidy’s Church. Each family contributes one small portion, but it is a huge blessing to see and hear. Go to our website at www.leidyschurch.org and scroll down just a bit, next to the What’s Coming Next banner, and on the left you will see a vimeo box titled Christian What Do You Believe. Simply click on that box and it will unroll before you. Our thanks to Barb Gehman who coordinated the effort and put it together in a presentable form. All the staff say Thank you, Barb!

YOUTH FELLOWSHIP Pool Parties begin next Sunday from 3-6 at the home of Josh and Laura Heebner’s, 2775 Hedrick Rd., Harleysville. Main course is provided, but boys need to bring a snack, and girls a drink. Reminder that girls and guys should wear appropriate swimsuits.