June 13, 2021

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.



  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Jonna Dee, Caren Elliott 17th; Buck Landis, Ben Smith 18th; Lillian King, Austin Merritt, Joe Sciacca, Jane Wilson 19th; Jakob Niederhaus, Sandy Swartz 20th; Glenn Derstine, Katelyn Kulp; Courtney Lepping 22nd; June Burkholder, Jack Edling, Marcy Kirkpatrick 23rd.
  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Brett and Jennifer Keeble, Blaine and Nicole Moyer, John and Pat Niederhaus, Bob and Jill Ott 17th; Dana and Barb Gehman 19th; Dave and Maxine Parfitt, Dave and Lorraine Reich, John and Cynthia Schilling 21st; Alex and Ally Hager, Dave and Flor Hughes, Stewart and Patty Kendall 22nd; Matt and Tara McVaugh 23rd.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Heirs Rejecting Division. People from time to time have been known to disagree. In a fallen and sinful world, there may be no more obvious statement. Sadly, division is also present within the assembly of believers. Paul encourages Titus to reject division and those who peddle in it. May we be a people completely focused on the redeeming love of God so that we might not be divided in unprofitable disputes.


     Today               Leidy’s Statement of Faith – Dave Reich

SLMT SIGN-UP SHEETS ARE UP. We have several sign-up sheets. They are:

  • For Work Week July 12-16
  • For Work Week August 2-6
  • For Lunch Preparation/Delivery for July week and/or August week
  • For Saturday July 17
  • For Saturday August 7

We will be doing construction, maintenance, and landscape work with WorthWhile Wear. For more information consult the May and June Newsletters or speak with a member of the Mission Committee.

SLMT ORIENTATION MEETING takes place at 7pm on Wednesday evening, June 16th. Everyone who is participating in any aspect of the SLMT work weeks should plan to be present – even those who are only going to work for a couple of days. Information will be shared, Confidentiality Agreements and Volunteer Waiver forms will be explained, and we hope to get a glimpse of what a typical day of the work week will look like. There’s still time to sign up; there is still room for you.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – This year we will take the plunge into Jonah. The plunge takes place from June 21st to the 25th. We set sail each night at 6:30 and come back into port at 8:00. A family meal will start each night at 6 p.m. Please register your K-5th grader at www.leidyschurch.org/children. There is a need for folks to serve as guides, cooks, setters up and tearers down.


  • Among those folk of the Erukula people who are in the Literacy Program and have received new life in Christ, they are finding a new way of living. What they are finding is that true liberty is found in walking in the ways of the Lord. We should pray for them to grow in and delight in this discovery of liberty. Hence, this week we might use Psalm 119:45 as our prayer launching pad. And I will walk at liberty, for I seek Your precepts. May their new-found freedom in the Lord be manifest in their daily walk and draw others to seek such freedom as well.
  • On Friday night, June 4th, at least 160 individuals were massacred in a village in the northeast region of Burkina Faso. That area is on the western border of Niger, quite near the region of Say, the very region we were asked to pray for. Tensions are high and fears are running rampant. Pray for Brother D, as we mentioned last week, and ask the Lord to help him have words of comfort, hope, and truth to share with those around him. As we pray for Brother D, let us also pray for the other Christian church planters in Niger and Chad. And, don’t forget to pray for Burkina Faso.

SUMMER ISSUES & ANSWERS – A Ramble thru Romans begins on June 27th and ends on September 5th with John Niederhaus as the teacher. He anticipates more a discussion format than a lecture format. It could even turn into a Quodlibet type setting. Come out to the Summer Issues & Answers Sunday School class beginning on June 27th and find out.

IF YOU WOULD like to share special music anytime this summer during Sunday worship, please call Nancy VanDerbeek at 215-896-7664.

JOIN US – Next Sunday at 4:00 in the Fellowship Hall there will be an informational meeting and walkthrough of the drama that will be going on the end of October here at Leidy’s Church. Much help is needed. If you are not big on acting, we will need help in construction projects (large and small), prop collection, and a whole host of other tasks. Contact Pastor Michael if you have any questions.

PATTERNS OF PRAYER take place the first and third Saturdays of each month. We pray in the morning from 10 to 12 in Rm. 117. Participants are welcome to come and go as schedules permit/necessitate. This Saturday is the third Saturday of June, so we’ll be praying and you’re welcome to join as well. If you have any questions or suggestions for prayer, please speak with Patricia Martindell.

FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT happens this Friday beginning at 6:00. We will be having pizza and will watch a film that talks about Christian faith. Those planning on coming please R.S.V.P. to the office by Wednesday.