August 2, 2020

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Karen Brown, Brian McClaskey, Steve Walmsley 6th; Ginna Foote, Cindy Schilling, Steve Yagilnicky 7th; Cole Mahoney 9th; Grace Bissey, Sandy Derstine, Kathryn DiLenge, Elisha Smith 10th; Harold Holloway, Kathy Moyer, Susan Merritt 12th.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Gerald and Sherry Moyer 6th; Steve and Sandy Swartz 8th; Frank and Phyllis Allebach, Justin and Chrissy Lockman 9th; John and Tara DiLenge 10th; Brian and Jenny Lafty 12th.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Testing Faith Claims. Life is replete with tests. The tests we encounter in the course of our lives are the means used in the development of our mental intelligence, our physical coordination, and our moral behavior. We can recall how we went through tests either with joy or sadness based on the outcome. The outcomes may carry a heavy price, for success or failure of tests determines the course of our lives. When it comes to our relationship with God, how we stand up to tests of faith impacts us for eternity. Let us be examined by the testing faith claims.

THE SACRAMENT of Holy Communion will be shared this morning. We invite all members of the church of Jesus Christ to share in this sacrament.

LES AND BONNIE PROSS thank everyone for the prayers and concerns for Les since the surgery on his leg.

IF ANYONE IN THE LEIDY’S CHURCH FAMILY would like to help bless Ben and Sara Shoaf by providing meals, go to to sign up. There you will find important details including what not to make and their home address and be able to see what dates are open. Thanks!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Yep, the rummage room is full!! Due to all the wonderful donations, we must close the rummage room until the October sale. Please find a corner of your basement or garage and hold all your donations for us until then. We love all your items, we just cannot store them here at the moment. Thank you!

YOUTH FELLOWSHIP Pool Party today from 3-6 at the home of the Rau’s, 300 Fox Lane, Perkasie. Main course is provided, boys need to bring a snack, and girls a drink. Reminder that girls and guys should wear appropriate swimsuits.

CARD SHOWER! Doug Kogel is turning 80 years of age on August 23rd. If you wish to help celebrate this milestone birthday, you can give his card to daughter Tosha by 8/2 or mail directly to him at 2101 7th Street, Emmetsburg, IA  50536

WE HAVE BEEN ENCOURAGED, comforted, and supported by a torrent of prayers, calls, notes, emails and texts from the Leidy’s Congregation and its pastoral staff following the tragic death of our Sarah on Monday afternoon. Though our hearts have been broken and the pain presently feels unceasing, the response of our brothers and sisters in the Lord has been a blanket of balm that returns us to the reality that God is good all the time. Indeed, all the time, God is good! We thank you for your heartfelt sympathy, empathy, and compassion that reflects the true mission of the Church – to represent Jesus and His steadfast love and care for us. Stan & Judy Ott

FOOD COLLECTION is again be taking place under the auspices of the Church & Community for the Keystone Opportunity Center. You should check the expiration date on donates items to insure they are useable. Please have them here by August 30th. Thanks for your help. Here are the foods they are looking for at this time:

  • Canned vegetables – corn, green beans, potatoes, carrots, beets;
  • Pork & Beans;
  • Beef Stew;
  • Tuna;
  • Canned fruit in juice;
  • Juice boxes;
  • Jelly (strawberry & grape);
  • Canned chicken;
  • Soups – all varieties;
  • Saltine crackers, Cheez-its, Wheat Thins;
  • Snacks: granola bars, peanut or cheese crackers, Pop Tarts;
  • Size 5 and 6 diapers;
  • Dish soap.

A CONGREGATIONAL MEETING is scheduled for next Sunday immediately following the service. The purpose of the meeting is to elect Consistorymen for the term of 2021-2023. Those men being nominated to serve on consistory another year are: John DiLenge as Elder, Jim Kinney and Tim Leidy as Deacons and Aaron Vogelzang as the new Deacon nomination this year.

Thank you so much for your care and concern for my family and me. The Lord has blessed our family through the love of His people at Leidy’s Church. With last week’s ordination, we were overwhelmed by your generosity and support!  Thank you.