April 19, 2020

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dave Parfitt 23rd; Jim Kinney 24th; Liam Moyer 24th; Mariah Foote 25th; Peter Martindell 26th; Aaron Vogelzang 27th; Mallory Kinney, Tara McVaugh, Bea Schnable, Peter Smith, Alisha Vogelzang 28th; Sandy Derr 29th.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Drew and Laurie Weiss 28th.

THE ROSEBUD on the communion table is in honor of a daughter, Molly Elizabeth, born to Cameron and Chelsea (Weiss) McDonald on Tuesday. May God be with them as they grow in Him.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Just Deserts. Arguably, Revelation 16 is the most frightening chapter in the Bible. In it one reads of the seven bowls of God’s wrath poured out in quick succession at God’s command. Whereas the seal judgments and the trumpet judgments were always partial judgments, the bowl judgments are total judgments. Everything in the sea dies, the sun scorches men with heat, utter darkness envelopes the kingdom, and a mighty earthquake splits the city into three parts. What’s most frightening, however, is that no one repents. A voice from the altar of God declares, “They deserve it.”

PRAYER-POINTERS. Here are two prayer points for this week as we pray for the Gospel Gleanings outreach to the Erukulu people:

  • Pray for God to stir the hearts of the Erukulu people to seek truth in the midst of the shut-down of activities in India. This would be the pre-evangelistic work of the Holy Spirit! The President of India has extended the shut-down until May 3rd
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to encourage and sustain the India Bible Literature workers who planned to go among the Erukulu people a month and a half ago. As we know, sitting and waiting can be a difficult task to undertake! Think of Habakkuk: though the vision tarries, wait for it; it will certainly come. [Hab. 2:3]

THE RUMMAGE SALE may or may not take place this May. As with everything, it is up in the air. The Rummage Room is close to overflowing, so please, if you can, hold on to your rummage until we can reschedule. Thank you.

NEWSLETTER ARTICLES for the May newsletter are due in the office by Tuesday. Thank you.

SPECIAL THANKS to the music and A/V personnel who continue to work hard to make our service happen – and to make it available online. All this work of ministry is deeply appreciated.

THE CONFIRMATION CLASS will meet again this Monday evening at 7:30 via Zoom. If you are a member of the class and have not received an invitation, let Pastor Niederhaus know ASAP so you can join in all the fun! 

THANK YOU TO ALL who have continued to make financial contributions even though we are not gathered as a congregation and have no formal Offering time! We do need ongoing support to pay our various ongoing bills. Online giving has been utilized by some. Others have “mailed it in” and really done so! A few have stopped by the church office and chatted with our office personnel while dropping off their tithes and offerings. To all, we say: Thank You very much!

THE APRIL CALENDAR IS KAPUT! Governor Wolf has extended the Shelter in Place mandate through the end of April. Here’s what that means for Leidy’s Church:

  • Sunday School and Sunday Worship services are suspended.
  • Worship services will be livestreamed. Worship begins at 10am, but livestreaming will begin at 9:30.
  • All normal meetings and activities are suspended.
  • The SLMT Auction is suspended.
  • The church office is open M-F from 9 to 4:30. If you come to the office, please sanitize your hands upon entering and again as you make your way out. 
  • Some Committees and Small Groups are meeting via Zoom or Skype or some other remote means.
  • Daily devotional thoughts are posted on our webpage and on our web site and on our Facebook page.
  • Pastor Steve’s SS Class has each week’s lesson pre-recorded and available on our web site and on our Facebook page.
  • Pastor Michael has SS lessons pre-recorded and available on our web site and on our Facebook page.

FROZEN PRE-COOKED MEALS are available from the church. They consist of a variety of casseroles: chicken, stuffed pepper, chili, etc. If this would be a help to you or someone you know, call the church office to arrange a pick-up time.