April 11, 2021

News and announcements from the Immanuel Leidy's Church community.



  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Stan Ott 15th; Betty Curry, Naomi Nowling, John Pavie 16th; Martha DeFrancesco, Aleks Yagilnicky 17th; Ava Permar 18th; Verna Bowman, Sue Landis 19th; Jean Frederick 20th; Jenn Malone 21st.
  • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Clyde and Sandy Derstine 17th.

THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Come You Who Say. The attitude of self-presumption is something we all battle from time to time. It comes in the forms of setting life goals, making future plans, even buying on credit based on present health and income. What often accompanies this attitude are elements of self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Before we know it, we have dethroned God and enthroned self, as we forget that our life, breath, strength, and skills for living come from God, leading to more sinful practices.

THIS MORNING Leidy’s Church is receiving a new member. We wish to welcome Lori Pluda to our fellowship. Take time to greet her after the service.


     Today               What is Reformed Theology? – Dave Reich

     April 18             What is Reformed Theology? – Dave Reich

SLMT WILL HAPPEN IN 2021. Remember, SLMT is an acronym for Short Length Mission Trip. This year that does not mean going to a First Nation Reserve in Ontario; rather we’ll be staying local. The Church & Community Committee and the Mission Committee are in the process of working with Worthwhile Wear to arrange for a couple of work weeks in the July/August timeframe. Details are still being developed, but keep your ear to the ground and some freedom in your schedule so that you’ll be able to participate.


  • The literacy classes among the Erukula people are a mixed bag: that is, now they are comprised of some who are believers and some who are not believers (yet). We might pray for all the literacy students the thoughts of Psalm 119:58 – I sought Your favor with all my heart, be gracious to me according to Your word. May those who are born again as well as those who have not experienced regeneration seek the favor of God with all their heart. In their seeking of God with all their heart, may He be found of them. And bless them all!
  • After His resurrection, and before His ascension, the Lord Jesus appeared to His followers teaching them about the kingdom of God and instructing them to make disciples of all nations. But He told them to wait to be empowered from on high. As we pray for the churches in Niger and Chad, let’s pray they would experience the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to give direction to how they might reach out to unreached people groups near them. Let’s ask God not only to empower, but to make a way for them even where there seems to be no way.

WE ARE THANKFUL that our Rummage Room is full and overflowing! Since we would love to still have your items, please hold now until the Sale. You can drop them off between Sunday, May 9th and Tuesday, May 10th. Thank you.

ONE OF THE LADIES FROM GOD’S TREASURE HOUSE is looking to rent a room with access to a kitchen in this area. If you know of anything, please contact Gina Stockard at 215-723-7499 or 610-996-5972.

NORAD – THAT’S THE Newly Organized Rejoinder About Drama. It’s also the ministry we have called Judgment House for a number of years. NORAD is beginning to work through a script for the 2021 dramatic gospel presentation. If you would like to help with planning or implementation of this wonderful outreach ministry, please contact Pastor Michael as soon as possible.

THE LEIDY’S CHURCH FAMILY wishes to come alongside Peter and Bambi Martindell and family and help out by providing meals for a few weeks. The family includes eight children, the youngest having just turned one year old. One of the children is allergic to dairy (but not butter), so please keep that under consideration when planning the meal. Please contact Peter at 267-218-5134 to make arrangements to deliver. Thanks for helping out!

PATTERNS OF PRAYER take place the first and third Saturdays of each month. We pray in the morning from 10 to 12 in Rm. 117. Participants are welcome to come and go as schedules permit/necessitate. This Saturday is the third Saturday of April, so we’ll be praying and you’re welcome to join as well. If you have any questions or suggestions for prayer, please speak with Patricia Martindell.

FREE FURNITURE: sturdy wooden kitchen table, seats six, 63L x 36W x 30 H, has 2 upholstered chairs that would need re-upholstering and table pads;  wooden storage cabinet 20 W x 16 deep x 48 H, has 4 shelves inside, wheat design on front; wooden bedroom set in great condition, includes headboard 62.5 W, can be used with a double or a queen (no footboard); metal frame, can be used with a double or twin; dresser 60 L x 17.5 deep x 29 H with rectangular mirror 26.5 w x 44 H;  bureau 32 W x 18 deep x 44 H;  nightstand 20 W x 17.5 deep x 23 H. If you would like to see photos, call or text Rachel at 215-285-0839.

THE RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE happens at Leidy’s Church this Friday. You may register before or after church, or you can go to www.redcrossblood.org and in the “Find a Blood Drive” box type in leidyschurch. Click on the link and you’ll be able to see what times are available. Choose the time that best fits your schedule.

PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR NEXT TACOS prayer event next Sunday, April 18 at 7 pm. TACOS reminds us to come to God in prayer with Thanksgiving, Adoration, Confession, while remembering to pray for others and ourselves. Please join us in the Fellowship Hall and make this next session an even more powerful movement of prayer.  We will open our time with songs of praise & worship at 7 pm and wrap things up by 8:30. Let’s agree with Paul the apostle as he exhorts us to not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Hope to see you there!  

FREE – LIKE NEW queen size mattress and box spring for anyone who needs one. They should call Alice Kraus 267-261-8543.