Issues & Answers

Equipping Christians to think with biblical clarity about contemporary issues.

The world is often a strange and confusing place.  Understanding how to apply the Bible to all of life can be very difficult.  Issues and Answers seeks to look at current issues through a biblical lens.  This topical class is lead by a revolving group of people and also frequently features representatives from organizations and individuals that Leidy’s church supports through its missions budget.  

This large group class meets in Fellowship Hall. 

Class Notes & Resources

Download presentations from past Issues & Answers classes. PowerPoint (PPT) files include teaching notes and supplemental resources, but PDF files may be better compatible with mobile devices.

Sanctity of Life

The Case for Christmas

Marks of a Healthy Church

Election Day 2018

Mere Sexuality

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Christianity and the Nature of Science

A Biblical Perspective on Immigration


Social Justice

Why Do We Wear Jeans?

The Reformation