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Devotional Word for Friday, August 14, 2020

This morning we will have a somewhat strange devotional thought.  Did you know that just about the last regularly scheduled activity before covid changed all of our 2020 plans was iBLAST?  On Wednesday March 11, we had our spring iBLAST party.  It was a wonderful time for families to come together and share a meal.  I know the conversation at my table was about the ridiculousness of the toilet paper shortage and how people were overly concerned about a few cases of some viral infection way far away.  We all left that party confident that this whole coronavirus thing would have little to no impact upon our lives.  Oh boy were we wrong.

I have good news.  iBLAST is back.  Well, it is coming back, and it is going to be bigger than ever (really!).  As you all know September is the month when Leidy’s Church begins its academic year.  This year is not going to be any different.  We anticipate rally day to be on September 13,2020.  Here is the big change.  iBLAST this fall is going to run for 10 weeks starting September 16. 

In addition to being 10 weeks long, there are a few other changes at iBLAST in the fall.  As in years past we are going to have a family meal beginning at 5:15, but we will be taking special precautions to limit contact with the food.  Also, throughout the rotation we are going to try to maintain appropriate social distancing for our various activities.  We also are going to ask that folks wear a mask when they arrive and are in the halls just like during the worship service.

This fall, we are going to look at the life of Daniel as he sought to be faithful to the Lord in the midst of challenging times.  After all Daniel lived during a time when the people of God were in exile.  Listen to Daniel 9:2 as Daniel sought not only to live obediently but also look for the Lord’s deliverance.  IN THE FIRST YEAR OF HIS REIGN, I , DANIEL, OBSERVED IN THE BOOKS THE NUMBER OF THE YEARS WHICH WAS REVEALED AS THE WORD OF THE LORD TO JEREMIAH THE PROPHET FOR THE COMPLETION OF THE DESOLATIONS OF JERUSALEM, NAMELY, SEVENTY YEARS.

To be clear, my intention is not to say that we all need to act like Daniel and try to figure out when the Lord Jesus is going to return.  After all, He has told us that no one knows the time of His return except the Father in heaven.  Instead, I would like to draw your attention to the fac that Daniel was searching the Scriptures.  In the midst of the tumult of his day (in exile apart from the land promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) he turned his attention to the Lord and His Word and gained insight for how he was to live and think.  We should do the same today.

Everyone who is in 1st through 5th grade, please have your parents sign you up on the link in the description.  If  you are not in 1st through 5th grade but would like to be apart of helping the children of our church study the Scriptures and apply them to life, please email office@leidyschurch.org.  If you have questions or concerns, please also submit them to the church office.  If you are watching and you aren’t really sure how this devotional thought might pertain to you and the ministry of Leidy’s church you are a part of, please know that we are continuing to work through the logistical considerations of resuming ministries and we will be in touch as plans are established.  Let us pray.