Month: September 2019

September 15, 2019

WITHIN THE FELLOWSHIP:HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Margaret Finley 19th; Caleb DiLenge 20th; Flor Hughes, Velva Stevenson 21st; Dave Guntz, Patty Kendall 22nd; George Frueh, Drake Hager, Dave Walbrandt 23rd; Clyde Derstine, Madison Lentz 24th; Angela Caserta 25th.HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Gary and Karen Brown, Ken and Connie Merritt 19th; Larry and Jean Frederick 21st; Paul and Denise Carsley 24th; …

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September 8, 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Brett Keeble, Jim Lahl 12th; Kate Harris 13th; Genevieve Steve 14th; Esther Davis 15th; Andrew Camuso, Gladys Fisher, Priscilla Martindell 17th. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Arlin and Donna Moyer 12th;Sherman and Karen Focht 14th; Andrew and Carly Camuso 18th. THE SERMON TITLE this morning is Seeing with Vision. Over the summer we’ve been going through …

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